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Girl Get Strong and Inperspire Contest Winners

Let’s here it for the Girl Get Strong / Inperspire Contest Winners! Yay! (Applause and wild fanfare here.) Girl Get Strong members voted and the winners are:

#1 – Jody – To Lift is to be. To be is to lift. #2 – Elizabeth – Endure the Struggle. Embrace the Strength. #3 – Krystal – Eat, Sleep, Sweat, Repeat. #4 – Yona – Silence the Critics. We sent an Inperspire towel of their choice to the three runner ups. The winner has to wait a bit to receive her prize because we are producing a specialty towel with her saying. It will be available in ~4-6 weeks.

We would like to thank Sian from Girl Get Strong for being so wonderful and an inspiration to us all. We also send a special shout out to all those who submitted their mantras.