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day 2 of a girl and a guy's 365 day odyssey

ZUMBA for me today! It was my fourth class at 24 Hour Fitness with Stacy. I get to dance, sweat, and burn calories all at the same time. Despite glimpsing my “slightly” larger stomach in the mirror I kept jumping, dancing, and shaking my booty in the hope that it (my booty) and my stomach will get smaller each week! After class I ran on the stair stepper for 2 minutes at Level 8 and then situps. — Cardio equipment for Jimmy today. 60 minutes on the treadmill followed by 2 minutes at high intensity on the stair climber and sit ups! Still working on our weekly goals. We don’t want to set them too low or too high. It’s hard! What about you? What have you done for yourself today? P.S. I’m a little afraid…it’s easier to get to the gym on the weekends, much harder during the week, but I will not fail on Day 3.