Day 4 of a girl and guy's 365 day odyssey (yes, like Odysseus' journey)

I am still finding it difficult to go to bed before midnight, which makes getting up at 7:30 am challenging.  We did make it to the gym by 9:20 today.  Treadmill 45 minutes.  I am trying to push myself so I did one song at 5.0, one at 5.5, and two at 6.0 (all at 1 incline).  I walk at 3.9 (speed)  between songs.  I also walked at 8 incline at 3.8 speed during “Hold on I’m Coming” (Sam and Dave).  Stair climber at Level 8 for 15 minutes (stopping to rest every 3 minutes).  I worked up a sweat!  When Jimmy put my star on the calendar today he said that it was the first time we had made it to the gym four days in a row since August.  Wow!  How did you do today?