Day 9 of a girl and guy's 365 day odyssey

Day off.  We thought about our goals and we are finally willing to write them down – yes – make a commitment – yikes!

Our goal for the year is to exercise 5 days a week.  We realize that getting to the gym/working out five times a week may not always be possible, but it is what we are aiming for.  Jimmy thinks it’s better to make goals for the month.  I agree.  For January we are reaching high, but not setting the bar too high: Workout 5 days/week, 2 days of weights; 15 miles a week on the treadmill; 100 floors on the stair climber; situps 5 days a week; various other cardio, e.g., jump rope, rower, Zumba 🙂  This is actually a little scary writing this down.

P.S.  I had a half cup of brown rice and a small salad for dinner.  I am hungry.  Jimmy made me some Yogi Tea (blueberry slim life).  It helped.  I have not weighed yet.  I will do so on Thursday and will set my weight goals at that time.