Day 10 of a girl and guy's 365 day odyssey

Our morning started off a little rough.  No surprise – we went to bed too late and didn’t feel like going to the gym at 8 am in 5 degree weather, so I came up with the brilliant idea of going to the gym after work.  Just so you know, this has NEVER worked before.  I am not going to lie (as our son Robbie says), it was not easy getting to the gym this evening, especially when I discovered I had forgotten my lock and it was so crowded you would have thought they were giving away free toasters.  To add insult to injury, the treadmill Jimmy saved for me was not in the best shape (it is one I always avoid).  Needless to say, I was grumpy and not happy, but I stuck it out.  36 minutes on the treadmill.  Not my best work, but if I didn’t have to report this to you, I wouldn’t have gone at all.