Day 11 of a girl and guy's 365 day odyssey

I had a sick day today, so no gym.  It was a little disheartening, but then I realized that my goal is working out 5 days a week so I still have four more days to get it right!  One thing that will help me reach my goal this week is to get to bed by 10:15 and to sleep by 11, no more excuses. 
Our journey to good health couldn’t have started at a better time because it coincides with Biggest Loser Season 9, which began tonite.  I L-O-V-E the Biggest Loser.  I find it inspirational and moving and I love watching the contestants change their lives.  I often get inspired to come up with new workout mantras for our towels after watching an episode, so be on the lookout. 
Asking the contestants to weigh in front of their families and home town was an eye opener for me.  I could see the fear in the contestants’ eyes when they were told what they had to do.  If you have been following this blog you willl note that I have not dared to weigh yet.  I have been avoiding it like the plague.  Sam one of the contestants said, “The scale doesn’t lie.”  So, tomorrow morning Jimmy and I will be weighing in – in front of each other.  We will let you know.
After watching the Biggest Loser I checked my 24 Hour Fitness Member Rewards medal counts (yes, I am motivated by bling) to see how close I was getting to the coveted 24 medals so I can get that Body Bugg.  You win medals by attending Group X sessions, working out a specified number of days per week, etc.  I have earned 11 medals so far (from October to December).  I need to step it up to get my Body Bugg.  24 Hour Fitness provides a comparsion chart so that you can see how your gym visits compare to other 24 Hour gym members.  Here is my chart, obviously, I have some work to do.  When are you starting your journey?