Day 15 of OUR 365 day odyssey

“Now Jump up let’s get crazy”!  Yesterday the WU Jump Club jumped,

and ran the stairs, and did some jumping jacks.  It felt good, so good that I took my rope with me to the gym today and jumped 125 x2 (after treadmill for 41.00 minutes (3.2 miles).  My legs felt a little fatigued after weightlifting, treadmill, and jumping rope this week, but overall I feel great.  It feels like I am finally taking control of my life again.  Yesterday (Friday) I went over my caloric goal by 400 because I didn’t do enough basement boot camp to compensate for my two pieces of Home Run Cheese pizza and two 8oz glasses of red wine, but I didn’t gain any weight so I can’t compain.  Tracking my calories and activities through My Plate on the Livestrong.com site is REALLY helping.  I have about 800 calories remaining for this evening.
P.S.  I added a new “How to Jump” video on the WU Jump Club blog.  You might find it helpful.  There are also some double dutch videos that are inspiring to say the least.  Our official WU Jump Club image (to the left) is from a 1800’s pin-up print.  I love it!