Day 16 of OUR 365 day odyssey

Jimmy just asked me if I could remember the last time we were 10 days into a month with stars on our calendar for 7 days (I am still motivated by the same stars we were given (actually, they were put on our forehead) when we were really good in kindergarten)?  Yes, we have exercised 7 of 10 days this month – yay!  Today was ZUMBA.  I love it.  It is so much fun.  I am thinking about getting certified as a Zumba instructor (but I am still in the considering if I really want to phase).  After class I did 2 minutes on the step climber (8 floors) and sit ups.  My mom told me she is bringing her treadmill up from the basement.  She quit smoking this year after smoking for ~50 years (sorry if I didn’t get it exactly right, mom).  We are VERY proud of her.  Keep it up mom, we love you dearly.   

What have you done for yourself today?