Biggest Loser / Bob Harper / weight goals

Day 19 of OUR 365 day odyssey

On the Biggest Loser last night Bob said, “Week two is hard!”  I couldn’t agree more.  My scale said 150.5 this morning.  Yes, you are right, the scale is going in the wrong direction (at least in terms of my goals).  Now, I realize that weight fluctuates from day to day, and that perhaps weighing daily is not the best idea, however, I also know that checking my weight daily is keeping me honest and off the denial train.  So, even though I have been working hard to keep my calories to 1171 a day, the number I need to be able to lose 1.5 lbs a week, I just have to chalk it (my one pound weight gain) up to the fact that “Week two is hard!” (plus, we ate Top Ramen for dinner last night and I am sure that didn’t help).  By the way, when I saw 150.5 on my scale this morning my first thought was to get back into bed where I could lie there and feel bad for myself, but, that was the old Darla.  The thought passed, after only considering it for a moment, and then I put on my workout pants.  I was going to the gym.  How has your week been?