Trying hard now – it’s so hard now – trying hard now;
Getting strong now – won’t be long now – getting strong now;
Gonna fly now – flying high now – gonna fly, fly, fly…

Yes, I feel like Rocky Balboa today.  Yo, Adrienne!  I am getting stronger every day!  I even braved the cold (For me anything below 60 degrees is cold.  So when I suggested we jog today at 38 degrees Jimmy looked at me like I had grown two horns or perhaps I had been replaced by someone else while he slept).  Anyhooooo…we did it.  We warmed up for 20 minutes by walking very briskly and then jogged for the remainder of the 4 miles.  When we hit the second super hard hill, the one that I have never made it up, I just kept going until I got to the corner that I had long ago given up ever reaching (by jogging).  When I reached the corner I was breathing HARD and I said to myself, “You finally did it” and then somehwere in my head I heard, “You could always do it.”  Hope your day as been stellar as well.  Let me know?