Day 26 of OUR 365 day odyssey

For those not familiar with Dano (Mom refers to him often in her posts)he’s the one in the middle 🙂  Momb, I think you may want to start thinking of Dano as your personal trainer since he gets you out of bed and makes you workout, even when you don’t want to. 
I was late giving all of you your stars from yesterday, but it is done now.  Today is a day off for me, which means that I still have not done my weights this week.  It’s the first week of the semester so I hope that by Friday I will have a good idea of what time is available to me and how I can schedule my time so that I can take care of myself, i.e., cardio, weights, abs, eating properly, sleeping the right amount, enjoying life.  Dana, Jody, and Carolyn, thank you for posting.  It really helps.