Hara hachi bu means to eat until you are 80% full.  This approach to eating is similar to the philosophy of living life in moderation.  Have you ever thought about how much better you feel when you eat in moderation?  Because I love food so much I have a tendency to eat until I am very full (I just can’t seem to get enough), but when I started practicing Hara hachi bu, I felt so much better after every meal that I think I actually enjoyed the food more.  I have a difficult time remembering Hara hachi bu when I am eating, but I think with practice it will become more of a habit.  One company (Mindless Gear) actually makes bracelets, hats, and other products to remind us to live a life of moderation.  I think I might try making myself a bracelet – as a reminder.
Jimmy and I walked/jogged 3.2 miles today.  It was cold (44 degrees) and rainy, but it felt good to get outside.  Besides taking care of yourself today, be sure that you set yourself up for an excellent week of exercise, good eating, and balanced living.  Hara hachi bu.