Day 32 of OUR odyssey

Today was a day off for me.  Not a planned day off, but a day off nonetheless.  Too much work.  I know that taking the day off today can be counted as one of my two days off a week, but it still bothers me that I put my fitness needs second (again).  I actually got so hett up about not being able to catch up with all my work that I started to feel anxious.  It was not a nice feeling. So…I took the advice of a friend/colleague of mine who said she was using a 10 minute meditation podcast to help her feel calm.  I downloaded the (free) podcast from iTunes (10 Minute Meditation.  The Chopra Center).  I turned off my phone and sat quietly on my couch.  One of my cats (Orange – guess what color he is?) decided he had to come sit on my lap at that moment, but I didn’t let it disturb me.  I then followed the very simple instructions to quiet my mind.  It (the experience) was simply wonderful.  I found my mind wandering (often), but each time I “gently returned my thoughts to my breathing”, as the voice instructed, and to the beautiful sounds.  Of course, being healthy means body, mind, and soul.  I recommend the free podcast to you.  I hope you found time to honor yourself today.