Day 34 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

This is a picture of Jimmy on the treadmill — kidding!  He is much more handsome 🙂  Jimmy and I totally shredded the treadmill today.  You know when you begin a workout and you just know it’s going to be a really good day – that’s what happened for us today.  I am 100% certain that our Boot Camp stair work and jump rope is helping me run longer and farther on the treadmill.  I also tried the Biggest Loser strategy of walking at incline 10 (I walked at 3.6 mph for 7 minutes).  It’s hard, by the way. 
On the treadmill today I thought a lot about what makes some people stick with their workout routines, while others not so much.  I came to the conclusion (if it can be called a conclusion) that succeeding at being fit has to do with exercise momentum (I have been reading about academic momentum and I think the same principle applies here.)  People who have exercise momentum have both “skill” and “will”.  They have been successful at staying fit in the past because they have a set of learned skills they draw upon to help them succeed – and – they have the will to succeed because they know they have been successful in the past.  Those who have been fit know that they can do it again – they have done it before – they know what to do -they know what it feels like.  Therefore they approach the task of getting fit from a much different perspective than those who have not been successful in the past.  Those who have not been successful in the past lack the skill set to be successful and the confidence/belief that they can be successful.  So, to anyone who is reading this blog who has not known excellent fitness in the past – I promise we will get you there.
Finally…yes, I have a lot on my mind today, I listened to three great new songs on my iPod today.  If you are motivated by music, like I am, you should check out the songs I selected from Kacy Duke’s playlist (she is a personal trainer).  I started with Soul Food by Leela James (as a warm-up) and then right into Keep Pushin’ by Boris Dlogosch (I love this one!), then Mesmerized by Faith Evans, and It’s Alright, I Feel It by Nuyorican Soul (then on to other songs that I will list on another day).  The link: Kacy Duke’s playlist.  Once you click on one of the songs iTunes will open and you will see her entire playlist.  Well worth it.  Have a beautiful day.