So our Odyssey is taking a trip (literally and figuratively). We are off to Seattle, our home base, for Inperspire’s quarterly meeting (that sounds boring, but our meetings usually take place in pubs, e.g., RedHook, where there are plenty of nachos and other beverages to keep us happy). This is the part where our Odyssey is taking a figurative trip – I have already taken my allotted two days off this week and Friday will be a third – yikes! In the past I would have let that be an excuse to go completely wild the entire weekend, but my new found sense of self tells me that instead I should do the best I can and continue to make good choices. I promise you that we will be at the gym on Saturday and Sunday and I will get my 10 miles of treadmill in this week. I promise…no fingers crossed, etc. I hope your Odyssey(s) today and this weekend is absolutely fabulous. I can’t wait to hear about 🙂