Day 66 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

What do Cinderella and fitness have in common (besides the fact that I wouldn’t mind being able to fit into that dress)?  Well, Leslie at And her Little Dog Too is running Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon this weekend.  She has been training hard and we want to wish her much luck, speed, and a super abundance of energy.  And in other Monday morning news…the winner, I mean winners, of the February Gold Star contest…Diane and Leslie.  Congratulations!!!  Please send Jimmy an email with your towel choice – yay!  But, don’t rest on your laurels too long because today begins a new month.  March’s Gold Star contest starts now.  We are all tied at 0 today – blank slates – tabula rasas – it’s all up to you (but remember, we have each other for support and motivation so you are not doing this alone).  Have a great Monday!