Day 74 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Do you ever feel like you could use your own personal cheerleader?  That special someone who says, “Yes, you can”, when you are thinking, “No, I can’t”.  Those of you who join us regularly know that the mantras on our towels were actually created with the idea of a “personal cheerleader” in mind.  “I Am Worth It”, “Let it Shine, Let it Shine, Let it Shine”, and “Haba na Haba Hujaza Kibaba” are my personal cheers or mantras (among many others).  Do you have a mantra that you use to get through a difficult workout?  The other day when I was struggling to run, I mean I was really struggling to keep going, I heard a new mantra pop into my head, “Once was lost, now I’m found”, which comes from one of my favorite songs, then the mantra turned into “Once was difficult, now it’s easy”.  As my feet hit the pavement…once was difficult, now it’s easy…and before I knew it I was at my front door.  Have a fantastic Tuesday.  Rah Rah Rah!