Day 77 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

These are not my feet, or my tattoos (notice there is a good cupake and a bad cupcake).  One of us, not be named but she is related to me, has had difficulty breaking the 135 lb mark.  As her older and much wiser sister, I think it is because she is already in great shape, doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight, and her efforts will really be in redefining and strengthening.  Calories do, however, play a part in our results, so I thought we could think about what we eat. Truth to Being Fit wrote about Calories In, Calories Out – What is the Truth? so you can read her post and think about whether calories really are equal.  And her Little Dog Too posts beautiful pictures of her daily meals, check out her breakfast this morning and her Green Monsters.  Fashion Meets Food posted No Skipping Lunch, which if I was posting would be entitled No Skipping Breakfast!  We think about food, we take pictures of our food, we soothe ourselves with food, we celebrate with food, we love our food, but most of all we need our food for energy.  It’s our fuel, although I rarely think of it that way. 
So, what I thought might be fun to do is capture what we eat for the day through pictures.  The theme: Food: A Day in the Life of Karma (of course your name would be inserted here).  I will choose one day, between now (today) and Tuesday, where I will take pictures of EVERYTHING I eat or drink.  I will be using my phone to take pics, but you could use a camera, a disposable camera, or your can draw it (the latter option is actually a lot of fun and I have seen some great food journals).  If you want to send one or all of your pics to post, that would be great.  I realize that food can be highly personal so if you want to keep what you eat to yourself, that is fine too.  It will be a good exercise in mindful eating.  Mangiare bene! Bon appetite!  Chakula ni kitamu – which really means – the food is delicious (in Kiswahili) – because I don’t know how to say: Eat Well!  Have a super happy and successful weekend!