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Day 81 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Karma’s Pictorial Food Diary
I start off each day with a homemade ice coffee or a homemade “latte”.
The “latte” is based on Dana’s most famous lattes made with her fancy schmancy coffee maker.  For my not so fancy lattes I put 1/3 cup milk and a tbsp. of vanilla creamer in a cup and heat in the microwave for 60 seconds.  Then I use a wire whip to froth the milk and then pour the coffee in the cup.  It gives me the illusion that I am drinking a real latte.  If you would like my ice coffee recipe, just let me know.
Scrambled (free range) Eggs
If I don’t have one of Jimmy’s famous shakes (I will post pictures of those wonderful A.M. creations in the future), then I try to eat some protein, either eggs or veggie sausages.
Lunch (at my desk)
Peanut butter & honey sandwich and water
(sounds kind of like a prisoner’s lunch or a kindergartner’s).
Yes, that is white bread. 
My excuse: We were out of bread and had to stop at a weird store to get bread on our way home from the gym. 
Asian Noodle Bowls
I love everything about these noodle bowls.  They are easy to make (Jimmy does the cooking so they are especially easy for me to make – hehe).  They have Udon noodles, savory tofu (cooked in a skillet in a little hot oil), cucumbers, bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, and a lemongrass marinade that is so awesome it will knock your socks off, especially if Jimmy adds more than one jalapeno as he often does! 
What I learned
about myself through my food diary
1.  I learned that I am not a great food photographer.
2. I learned that on the weekends I sometimes eat food, e.g., nachos, that I wouldn’t necessarily want to put into a pictorial food diary.  It’s one thing to write it down, it’s another to actually take a picture of it.
3.  I learned that I really dislike white bread, and, in order to eat healthy, I need to think ahead.
4.  I learned that on the days that I don’t drink one of Jimmy’s awesome morning shakes (yogurt, bananas, berries, oj, and soy milk) I miss having fresh fruit and fresh food.
5.  I learned that I don’t give much thought to what I eat because I eat breakfast on the run, I eat lunch at my desk, and I worry about calories at dinner. I need to give my food/fuel more thought.
6.  I learned that I get hungry every day at 3 pm and by 5 pm I am ravenous – that’s a dangerous state to be in if you want to eat healthy and lose weight.
Final Thoughts
Jimmy and I eat fairly healthy, we don’t eat any meat, we eat produce and products that are cruelty free and organic, we don’t eat fast food or many prepared foods.  However, judging from my day of food in pictures I still have work to do.
How did your day in pictures turn out? Did you learn anything new?