Day 82 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – Lá ‘le Pádraig!  I am not Irish, but I have always loved this holiday.  I love wearing green and eating and drinking green things made especially for this day.  Of course , St. Patrick’s Day has transmogrified (see Calvin and Hobbes for a definition of transmogrify) from its roots in 5th century CE Ireland to what we celebrate today around the world today (History of St. Patrick’s Day).   Luck plays a big part in St. Patrick’s Day traditions.  Luck of the Irish, beginner’s luck, lucky you, lucky dog, get lucky…but what is luck?  I often say, “This time I got lucky” or “Yes, I am very lucky”, when talking about good things that happen to me.  Some say that luck is just another word for being prepared to make the right choices.  I watched a video featuring Dr. Jean Houston where she talks about luck.  Dr. Houston knew Margaret Mead (famed anthropologist).  She talks in the video about a time when Dr. Mead was looking for some much needed anthropological information, and through a purely chance meeting, finds that information.  At the time, Dr. Houston said to Dr. Mead, “Margaret, you are very lucky”.  Dr. Mead replied, “Yes, I am blessed.”  “But, why do you think you are so blessed” asked Dr. Houston – and – Margaret Mead replied: “Because I expect to be.” Is it luck?  Is it postive thinking?  Is it being prepared?  Whatever it is… 
May the Luck of the Irish be with You