Day 83 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Have you ever had a day where you wake up and say, “Oops!”?  I have had two days in a row of “Oops”.  I can’t blame it all on the time change, but the spring forward thing always takes its toll on me.  Getting up at 8:15 (which, according to my thinking, would have been 7:15 last week) is not working for me.  In order to get my workout in and meet my deadlines/schedules I have to be up earlier.  There is another factor in my “Oops” days this week.  I have been playing fast and loose with what I know I need to do to be able to workout and eat healthy, and drinking green beer and staying up too late certainly did not help.  Mea culpa…but I am about to set things right.  I am going out walking/jogging in what I consider to be “frigid” weather (48 degrees) so I can get myself back on track.  Wish me luck 🙂