Bob and Jillian / Bob Harper / Jillian Michaels / personal trainer

Day 84 of OUR 364 Day Odyssey

Don’t we all wish we could have Bob and Jillian as our personal trainers?  I know I do!  Part drill sergeants and part motivational gurus, the team of Harper and Michaels rocks.  I wish I could bring them home with me.  Most of us are not lucky enough to have our own personal trainers…unless…of course…you count the four footed kind!  Yes, I am talking about Canis lupus – human’s best friend.  Our dogs, big or small, behaved or not, drag us out of the house when we least feel like it, in all kinds of weather, and make us walk when the probability of us working out without them is basically zero.  Our dogs are our personal trainers.  They motivate us, make us happy, and keep us in shape.  Dogs play a big part in many of our lives so I thought we could do a tribute to Personal Trainers of the Four Footed kind on Monday.  Send me ( a picture of your “personal trainer” and I will post the pics in our one of kind tribute.  Have a great Friday!