Day 85 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Happy Spring!  Today is the Vernal Equinox – the day in March when the sun’s light is directly over the earth’s equator and day and night all over the world are approximately equal in length.  If you like to know about the roots of words, Ver is from Latin meaning spring, equi is from the Latin aequi meaning equal, and nox meaning night.
What does Spring have to do with this blog?  Spring reminds me of how resilient we are.  The signs of resilience are everywhere: green shoots pushing up through layers of soil and leaves accumlated over winter, Robins and Wrens, and all sorts of birds, have returned to build their nests and begin their families again, frogs begin to croak, and the grass begins to green.  Spring is a time to spring back, to rebound, to leap forward!  I feel a renewed sense of purpose as the days grow longer and warmer and spring makes itself known.  What are the signs of spring in your life (outside and inside)?  I am taking my Signs of Spring worksheet outside today to see what I can see 🙂  I hope you will have time to do the same.  Have a great Saturday!