African Film Festival / Mt. Toba / Pi Pizzeria

I had a great day yesterday.  I started off at the gym.  While on the treadmill I thought about what a nice community we have.  In truth, each time I am on the treadmill I let my mind wander and I often think about things I want to post about or I think about what each of you has posted and what we are accomplishing together. 

Later in the day I went to a lecture given by a friend of mine (Stanley Ambrose) about the explosion of Mount Toba (Sumatra) at ~73,000 years ago and what that might have meant for us (at that time).  If you are interested here is a link to an online summary of the article: Humans ‘came close to extinction’.

After the lecture, Jimmy and I went to the Pi Pizzeria down on the Loop.  We had a small pizza (spinach, mozzarella) and a beer (Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale).  It was crowded and fun!

After pizza we went to the African Film Festival organized by my friend, Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo.  We watched two films, The Bronx Princess (image at left) which is a coming of age story set in the context of reconciling our roots.  The second film was Sex, Okra, and Salted Butter about one family’s struggles to live a traditional life in a non-traditional world.  The films were so well done, funny and lighthearted, and yet serious in the issues they presented.  It was SO nice to hear the audience laughing in unison and to be a part of that as we related situations on the screen.

It was really nice to stretch myself yesterday.  To stretch my legs and my mind 🙂  I can get very caught up in staying on schedule and I sometimes forget to take advantage of all that life has to offer.  Healthy in mind, body, and spirit is the goal.  Have a great stretch this weekend!