cheerleader / gold star

Day 96 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

And the Winner is…

Well, actually, we have several winners.  When you look at the calendar, at all the gold stars we earned this month, you will see that we just rocked March!  So we chose three Gold Star Winners this month – why not spread the love around?

Diane – Girl, you worked out every day of the month, you lost a ton (reference to the Lose a Ton Challenge) this month, and you are down to the final four!  You have won this award before and we are proud to crown you as a winner again.  Choose another towel for yourself – whatever your heart desires – or choose a friend to send one to – it’s your choice 🙂

Cynthia – You ran 30k at one time.  That is by far the longest distance any of us have walked/run at one time and that deserves an Inperspire towel.  I am so impressed!  We are happy you joined us 🙂

Smith – Your workout sandwiches and your determination to do what it takes no matter how long you are at work or what shift you work are inspiring and you deserve a towel!  Your towel will probably inspire you to make even better workout sandwiches! We love reading your posts 🙂

Dana – You started a new job and we know the transition has not been easy – so you deserve a towel – so go upstairs and pick whatever one you want!  Heehee!  April Fools 🙂

Winners (well, we are all winners)…Winners of the Gold Star Contest, just send Jimmy an email: jimmyspin.314 at and tell him which towel you would like and your address.  We truly hope your towels inspire you on to even greater fitness heights.

And, finally, here is our (Jimmy and Karma’s) calendar for March.  It looks pretty good with the exception of the week of the 21st, which got a little shakey, but we have recovered and finished strong.  Thanks to all of you – we read your posts and draw inspiration from you.  Keep it up!