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Day 107 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

‘Nuff Said.
Happy Tuesday.  Workout Hard.  Be Fierce.  Believe.

14 thoughts on “Day 107 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Diane – I just read your post from yesterday! We are so excited for you and your weigh-in today! Positive thoughts coming your way. You have put in all the work and no one can say otherwise – your gazillion gold stars prove it. About the paddle boats. I knew that's where you were heading for the challenge. It sounds like you and I have similar problems in the steering realm. Jimmy is good at steering but he cannot paddle those boats – we make a good team. Jimmy was going to try to get out to the Boat House to see you and take pictures, but he got wrapped up shipping yesterday. I hope they post some videos of the challenge 🙂 Great job on the 2 miles afterwards, especially with the sprints. I will try that later this week. Okay, as the Kenyans say, "bahati nzuri" (good luck)!

  2. Last night after I completed my 5k park run I came back and Jazzercised with Cheryl Burke…. oh my word it was so much fun! I think it may have taken over my Zumba love. This morning I did some weights and will be uncovering my parents elliptical in the garage that they use to put stuff on since it's pouring hereGood luck to everyone today!xo

  3. Hey guess what, it is snowing here again this morning. Dano made me put on the boots and go out. Walked a little further than usual because I was trying to get him tired so that my day would be easier but instead he just stopped walking and layed down in the snow–so I ended up having to pull him along, but it was still fun. Hope all have a great workout day!

  4. CD – I cannot believe it is snowing again! You need to move to St. Louis so you can enjoy our weather and our company 🙂 I love it that you out walked the dog!Fashion – You are keeping yourself so busy. You will surely break your barrier at this rate. Running, Jazzercise, weights, and elliptical, what's next 🙂

  5. I have been so busy with InPerspire, TJ's, our house, and getting ready for the IDEA Fusion trade show that I have not been spending much time in our yard, make that any time. Today I spent 3 hours just in the front yard, and the last hour by cutting the grass, and that is a workout, not because we have a big yard, but because our mower does not have a motor. When Darla gets home we are going for a 4 mile run/walk.

  6. Hi evryone.Wow Diane you know we are all thinking the best for you!!! Fashion Good for you for all your hard work even in bad weather. Momb..Heee heee snowing, maybe you should move to Seattle where we have great weather(except today:)). I am working hard at my morning job and working even harder at my Inperspire job. I will not see the gym until tomorrow I have more shipping and a vet appointment for Lewis.

  7. So sunday my computer contracted a virus…..ew….while i was trying to bargain shop for the bridesmaid dress I wanted……so yesterday was devoted to making sure it was not eating my computer anymore……I havent found any terrible happenings from it yet… made my wallpaper disappear i'm scared it deleted pictures……EITHER WAY… and my sister went on my Pheobe route through the neighborhood and then did the P90X chest and arms workout………we are wimps so we aren't quite as extreme as those people but like I said wow……if I can do that I'll be in that bathing suit i want FOR SURE!!!! I tell her always to do this blog but she's lazy…..maybe one day…..Great Job all……!!!!!

  8. Smith – I am so sorry about your computer virus. That is just horrible. I hope you were able to clear your computer completely. If you have the "go back" thing on your computer sometimes you can "go back" to a day or two before the virus began its work. About P90X – Greg and Dana have done those P90X workouts and they said they are crazy hard. We will get your sister to join us in due time :)I actually walked after work today! This is a minor miracle for me because I am not an afternoon workout person. We walked most of the way because my hamstring still hurts, but jogged the remaining bit – it felt good. Then jacks and abs. It wasn't the most intense workout, but considering that it was either that or no exercise – I'm happy.

  9. I so appreciate hearing about the goings on in everyone's life. It does the heart good to know that we all find ourselves doing the same type of juggling act to get everything done but oh my, what a sense of accomplishment when finished. Speaking of finished… I am proud to say that I made it to the Final Three in the weigh in. I lost 6 lbs for a new total of 48 1/2. So the next 2 weeks are even more serious business meaning I must step up my workouts with even more intensity. I haven't figured out exactly what that means but I will get back to you with that info. The final weigh in will be Tues April 27 and they will blind fold the 3 of us so we don't know what each other weighed then they will announce live of Channel 5 on Friday April 30th. Oh my goodness!!! Thanks to everyone for your support. Couldn't have done it without your encouragement. xoxo

  10. Whoot for you Diane..I actually yelled yeah for Diane in our house and Greg said " did she make it?" We are so excited for you..Congrats let's do this thing!!!You totally rock!! See you in STL on Tuesday

  11. Whoot for you Diane..I actually yelled yeah for Diane in our house and Greg said " did she make it?" We are so excited for you..Congrats let's do this thing!!!You totally rock!! See you in STL on Tuesday

  12. I thought I left a comment here yesterday & I remember typing it but I must have done something wrong!LOVE THE QUOTE! Had a great workout yesterday too with cardio, abs/core & chest!

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