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Day 108 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

It’s Wednesday, also known in my house as the day after the Biggest Loser day.  Love that show.  My favorite quote from last night’s episode was:
Our contestants have to leave their unhealthy pasts behind.”
I think it was Bob who said this when talking about what the contestants needed to do in order to move forward in and toward their new lives.  I especially liked this quote because it brought up the PAST (the archaeologist in me loves the past) and it reminded me of a quote I use in archaeology class:
“The Past is Never Dead.  It’s Not Even Past.”  ~William Faulkner
Yes, Bob is right, we must leave our unhealthy habits and ways of thinking behind in order to move forward.  However, while we may be able to put the past behind us, we must also remember that our pasts will always be with us – the past is never dead – it’s not even past.  No matter where we are or what we do or how much weight we lose our pasts remain with us.  They are a part of us.  To forget our pasts is to make possible the same mistakes.  This doesn’t mean we can’t rise above our pasts – all of you are a testament to rising above past habits and past thoughts – rather than forget – we must let our pasts be the motivation for our future.

P.S.  The pioneer women in the picture seem so different from us but their struggles are a part of who we have become (with the exception of Jimmy and Greg, our two male contributors – heehee).


9 thoughts on “Day 108 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Let me be the first – well the second – since Dana saw your post last night – to congratulate you Diane. This is so awesome there aren't even words for it. You're in the finals, you've lost weight, you've gained a new shape, you've gained a new sense of what you can do, in fact you've gained a new, healthy you…who can still play the kazoo! Here's the link to Diane's Announcement. Tomorrow – a tribute to you!

  2. This morning Jimmy and I walked/ran 3.1 miles. It felt so good. We are getting faster, although my ankles got hot in my ever so cute black Under Armour running pants so I had to pull the bottom of my pants up above my knees for part of the run. Jimmy kept calling Becky Thatcher and asking me if I was going fishing with Huck Finn today – yes – this was a big help to my running as you can imagine!My big news is I am down to 140 lbs. Slowly but surely I am getting there.Cynthia, I loved your comment yesterday – about the boys and about tomorrows – I understand.

  3. Karma you and Jimmy are really gettig good at your walk/run, and it must be working for losing the weight. Way to go. Diane you are fantastic and even inspire me, and thats hard to do. ha Shows how much work you have done to get there. It is not snowing here in S.L.C. and is supposed to be in the 60's today. It was nice to walk in somewhat warm weather today. See ya—Momb

  4. Yay for Diane!!! How fabulous is she! Congrats to you for getting to 140…. my scale doesn't move I am convinced that it is broke…lol. I went for a 2 mile run today. I forgot my water so I was dying and couldn't handle any longer. xo

  5. I loved this post & about the past. Yes, I certainly have demons BUT some of them push me to be better! THX!Cardio with HIIT & an awesome wieght workout with abs/core too!

  6. Fashion….I am sure my scale is broken too, the one at my house, the one at the gym and the one at my dr's……Everybody's triumphs are such great motivation!!!!So today while on the online I found a website to design my own reeboks…..all kinds….so when I need new shoes for work i can get all black easytones…..and I really want some of those zigs…..i am pretty excited about this…..I had to work this morning and gotta go back at nine…..ick…..tomorrow first thing though I am off to OK for my friends basic training graduation…..i'm rambling…..Pheobe and I found time to walk run in the midst of all this…..I still have to pack ick…….not sure what i'll get to do for workouts this weekend I am to meet dani who joined us not too long ago so maybe we'll discover lawton by foot…..!!!!

  7. I also Have a scale problem and a work problem and a expo in Chicago problem..still trying to keep moving. I wish my dog could walk more than to the bottom of my driveway..Greg and I are going to try and get some serious next 5 days straight of workout time and make a me (us) first attempt for Thurs, Fri Sat, Sun, Mon..Wish us luck. I really love reading everyone's post and the other blogs I sign on and read daily!!!!

  8. GO! GO! GO! TO EVERYONE. What an inspiration to me you all are. Thank you soooo much for all the kind words you continuously give to me as it does me the world of good and I'm so proud of all of you. Way to go Karma…140…awesome!! Dana & Greg..Good Luck on your 5 straight days of working out..You can do it. To all..Hang in there and stay tough. Blood Sweat Tears = RESULTS!!! I just love that. That's what keeps me going. Jeremy (my trainer) kicked my rear end today…looking forward to an even bigger kickin tomorrow..Bring it on! These last 2 weeks I'm giving it my everything. Healthy eating and exercise, exercise, and more exercise. Look out cause her I go!

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