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Day 110 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

It’s Friday!
Time to get our booty in shape for the weekend!
I thought you might like this video, especially when they get to squeezing right then left.
Try it in your chair at work, in the car, when you are standing, wherever.
I am going to try it all day long today.  I need a little lift in my life 🙂

Have a Fabulous Friday…tight tushes to all!


9 thoughts on “Day 110 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Walk/run today, Darla is getting fast. My weight today is 195.5, for those of you keeping track that is 14.5 pounds, thats the way I roll. I put the You Tube video on for Orange and Grey, all three of us are doing the exercise now, Orange needs a little more exercise.

  2. I saw this on Ellen way back when & then she had the lady on her show!!! I was having trouble watching the link BUTT, :-), I recognize that butt!Had a good cardio/weight workout today! YAHOO!

  3. I had two guys today to go for a walk with altho one is really a DOG. Came home and started working in the yard. We spent over six hours and still need a lot more time to finish it all. We did get the lawns cut, patio work done and the garden tilled. We will be planting tomatoes before long. (Jimmy) Guess we'll continue tomorrow. Squeeze those buns! Momb

  4. Made it to the gym after work to do upper body weights..It was fun and a great start to the weekend!! I love the butt exercises although I think the people at my office thought I had to go to the bathroom all day!! 🙂

  5. man.. …..great job on your lost pounds…..I hope nobody finds them…..i wish i could've seen that video this morning……they made us stand in the rain waiting for the trainees to practice the ceremony…….i could have done it then 🙂 The rain today made me very glad i got in a good fun freezing swim in yesterday… more day of NO waffle house……agh……june first going to be here so soon as is my learning……..very well…….good weeekend all……

  6. These are great – you can almost do them without anyone knowing. Now, someone has to put together a workout with this and keegels:)I posted a bit of sunshine on my blog for you today:)

  7. Congrats Karma! Good for you. Great news. Interesting video. I will add this to my things to do. Today's workout did not include that. (ha)It comprised of 2.4 miles walk/run/sprint and then 10 minutes of the stairmaster at level 8. Wow did that every get the sweat flowing. Felt good afterward.

  8. What an achievement! You are seriously showing your body who is boss! Good for you! That video is crazy… I admit I sat on the floor and tried it LOL… I don`t think it counted as enough "physical" activity so I did weights too.

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