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You Are Here

If you are reading this, then you have ARRIVED 🙂

Thank you for coming with us to our new healthy and happy home.  I am excited to give this a whirl.  If you have any suggestions, comments, or tips to help make this move easier (especially from those of you who use I am all ears.  You can comment on the DAy 112 – We’re Moving Post – or here – whatever makes you happy – because that’s what it’s all about – happiness.

Healthy in mind, body, and spirit,


8 thoughts on “You Are Here

  1. I just finished another happy day at the gym..The sun is out, the weather is beautiful!! You will all love my new craziest move on the treadmill. First I started on the stairmill for 2.0 miles and sweaty does not even come close to how I looked when it was done. I moved to the treadmill where I of course ran, walked and skipped BUT this is the BIG news I actually incorporated a grapevine move into my routine. It was a blast and help me mix up my muscle group on the mill!! I felt so happy yet looked so silly.. It is a GREAT day!!! Happy Sunday to everyone.

  2. Hey all,

    I have to say I love our new look and feel here… Nice job Karma Girl…

    Made it to the gym this morning and managed to be one of the sweatiest people there. I went 7 miles in 22 mins on the bike and an additional 1.3 miles on the treadmill. Felt great and now I’m to do yardwork.

  3. I love the new look, and I know how hard Darla has worked on this, and it came out great. I made it to TJ’s at 6:00am and worked until 1:30. If anyone needs to make some money and lose weight, you should consider working at Trader Joes, the only time that you stop is for lunch, lifting, squats, and walking all day long.

  4. Just added the new site to my blogroll. 🙂 What made you decide to make the move?? just wondering. Also thanks for the Stiletto award I will be passing it on sometime this week.

    • Hi Erica,

      Goodness, what makes me do crazy things?! Blogger was loading so slowly and it was having some bugs that were making keeping up the blog much more time consuming than it should be – so I thought I would try something new. There are some really nice features with wordpress, but I miss the ease of blogger and the Followers Widget. I am glad you liked the award. I honestly chose from the people who have made a big difference to us. I can’t wait to see who you pass it on to!

  5. Welcome to the new space! i’ve thought about moving to wordpress, but i’m scared and don’t know how i would do it!

    I love Jackson’s picture! Super cute! Thanks!

    • Hi Leslie – I was so scared and I am still a little nervous, well, really, very nervous. I like some of the new features so much, but I am missing the ability to widgets with flash (on you can’t do that). There are some great tools though for looking at stats and easily being able to reply to comments and I really miss having a followers pictures – it was so nice to see everyone. I will let you know after a week or so if it was worth the move. By the way, Jackson’s picture is one of my favorite things on the blog.

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