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Day 113 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

It’s Monday.  Time to renew our fitness goals for the week, plan for a strong beginning and end, and pledge to work at a higher intensity.   We have all been working very hard and I think it’s high time we embrace our inner athletes. 

Are you up for a challenge?  And some fun?  I came across The Best of Us Challenge on Girl Get Strong (one of my favorite sites ever!) where our Olympians present challenges that are fun, and, well, challenging 🙂  I found one that I thought we could all try.  How many times can you circle your body with a stick/paddle in 30 seconds?  Here is Benjamin Boukpeti with the challenge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
What do you think?  Can we do it?  Can you find other challenges that will allow you to embrace or even find your inner athlete?  Maybe today you can run that hill that you have been walking…don’t give up…just keep running until you’re at the top.  Maybe at the end of your workout you could take it one  more step – grab a rope and jump 100 times or add two clapping pushups to your pushup routine – or a set of ankle jacks at the end of your treadmill/stairmill session.  Whatever you do give yourself a challenge today and be the best that you can be…whatever that is.

Happy Day!


12 thoughts on “Day 113 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Went out and ran a 5k today, I did not feel that great because my back is hurting a little. I am taking Advil and putting frozen bags of fruit on my back, if anyone has any other ideas please let me know. I will not let a hurt back slow me down, I need to get InPerspire ready for the Fusion Show in Chicago this week, a 5 hour drive from St. Louis, but I do like road trips.

  2. I love this new site, good job Karma Girl!! You’ve been working to hard Jimmy, try a little rest once in a while.
    Took Dano in a different location this morn. That was really interesting. He was afraid of flower planters, trucks and about everything else. So he pulled me around alot. Now back to the yard work around here before it snows again in a few days. (not kidding) See ya

  3. Cdale – That just makes me laugh that big ol’ dog is afraid of flower planters and trucks, but it doesn’t surprise me. That dog is just crazy 🙂 Don’t work too hard today – take some time for yourself.

  4. 5 days in a row!! Yea for us. Today was a wholebody worjout which included alot of punching, high kicks, step-ups with punching, weights shoulders,back. We are getting ready for the Inperspire conference in Chicago, which I am really excited about, wish us luck!! I will post our journey along the way. Ohh and I will not be drinking more than one boody mary on the plane due to the instant 4 lb water gain from the sodium( I learned this at Easter)! I wish I had Dano here to pull me around..hmmm I miss that crazy dog..

  5. I forgot to post my workout today – the Inperspire crew must all realize that working out at the front end of the week is uber-important. Jimmy and walked/ran 5k this morning. We pushed through some hills and it felt good. I am going to try that stick/paddle challenge as soon as Greg and Dana arrive 🙂 Btw, Dana, you said boody mary, which sounds alot like booty mary.

  6. Oops, I forgot to say that I will have the Gold Stars updated by the end of today. I apologize for not giving recognition in a more timely manner to all of you working so hard – but I promise to get my rear in gear and have it done today!

  7. Hey, tried the roundabouts but couldn’t find a paddle so I used a broom. Made about 12 then my shoulders got tired so I stopped and rode the broom away. (like the good witch) Try again later!

  8. Today the final 3 was to meet at the Club Fitness in Creve Couer for the final workout taping with our trainers to be aired tomorrow at 3pm. I got some good air time for my new towel so hopefully they won’t edit it. Had a tough workout with my trainer then hit the treadmill for 2 mile walk/run/jog. Then I headed to Trader Joes in hope of running into Jimmy however no such luck. After I was done there I went back to Illinois then went to my gym and did another 3 miles and then the stairmaster . I’m ready for bed so Good Night All. Hope Chicago is a HUGE success!

  9. Jimmy said to tell you he wished he would have seen you – that would have been awesome! He took the day off today to help us get ready for Chi-town. I will be sure to watch the show at 3 pm tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you and your towel too, if it makes the cut, but most importantly you. You worked your behind off today. Keep it up. You are almost there.

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