Day 114 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Feeling a bit unraveled?

Where do I start?

 Look what a bit of perseverance can do.

T-unit with her Alpaca yarn.

 T-unit bought this beautiful yarn to make a scarf for our Handmade Especially for You cause.  I honestly cannot believe she was able to wrestle that tangled mess into the beautiful ball of yarn you see now.  T-unit said “it fought her to the bitter end”.  I was thinking that I could use some of T-unit’s determination to inspire me a bit; to help me push through, especially when the going gets a bit tough.  If you find you need a little determination-inspiration this week, picture the ball of yarn.  I think that will do it.

Have a super duper Tuesday! 

P.S. The Seattle Inperspire crew is flying in this afternoon.  Yay!  I will post pictures of our trade show escapades in Chicago this week.


5 thoughts on “Day 114 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. No Gym for me today, but I need to keep the workouts going strong. Today I will be doing yard work, laundry, cleaning of house and office, and packing boxes for our show in Chicago. Tomorrow, four people, a jeep, and a uhaul trailer, sounds like a Chicago road trip.

  2. Sometimes we all feel like we are unraveled, but if we put a little effort into whatever, somehow it will all come together.
    Hey T-Unit, you are special.

    I walked quite a while this morning with the dog. We were gone for an hour and believe me I’m not the only one trying to sllim down. He really needs it. (to many treats) Go-Go-G0 in Chicago.

  3. What a road trip you should have. Wishing you much success! My towel got some good airtime..I was pleased. Went to an hour power sculpting class then walk/sprint for 1 mile. At work walked the stairs(38 up/38 down) 13 times. I’m kind of sore so I’ll try to work it off tomorrow. GO INPERSPIRE!!!!!!!

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