Day 115 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

We’re off to Chicago!

But first we are going out to exercise 🙂  We are taking Greg and Dana on the 5k route in our “hood” and then packing up for the trip.  Thanks for all your well wishes.  I will be doing a video diary of the trip so you can see the fun evolve.  By the way, I wanted to mention that cdale did the roundabouts from the US Best Challenge video – that’s just plain awesome. 



8 thoughts on “Day 115 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. it is decided i can no longer take trips or visit friends……totally messes with everything……today however I am back. I did the ab ripper p90x with my sister and then went on a neighborhood hilly walk with Pheobe and my easytones. Felt good.

  2. Hey everybody we did a 5K with Darla and Jimmy today! It was a blast. We are getting ready to leave for the show any minute, we will keep you all posted on our progress. Just to give a shout out to Karma and Jimmy( WHOOT) they look Marvelous the changes they have made in their lives are truly showing now!!! Peace and love..

  3. Wish we all could go on the roadtrip with you four nuts. You will be working hard, but take a few hours to enjoy. Just don’t get locked in the restrooms along the way. ha ha

    By the way I found out that I was doing the roundabouts wrong and when I tried them the right way I could barely do one! (almost)
    What was I thinking!!! ha

    Good Luck on the inpersprire venture.

  4. 5k in the morning – yes – we were proud of ourselves for taking the time out of an extremely busy day to workout. We are running a bit behind – we planned to leave at noon. It’s now 4 pm. I’m not packed; neither is Jimmy.

    Diane – You are putting in some grueling workouts and you know it will pay off. I can’t wait to see the video with you and the towel 🙂

    Smith – Vacations, friends, and fun can take their toll, but you know what, when you fall off the horse you get right back on again – that was a dumb analogy – but the sentiment works.

    Jody – Glad you had fun with the girls. Hooray for your cardio and weights day!

    cdale – You are always with us.

  5. Have fun in Chicago!!! I am completely jealous! Way to go with everyone and their 5k!!! Fabulous job!

    I worked out with Jillian today… 30 day shred (I cannot do push ups LOL)

    I also did Disco Abs with Cheryl Burke

    xo Have a safe trip

  6. THE INPERSPIRE CREW ROCKS! Just think, a 5K run before leaving for a busy busy weekend. VERY IMPRESSIVE!! I hope you have a great weekend in all aspects. Many a memory will be made this weekend. Some you can share some maybe not(ha!) I have been very demanding on myself here lately and my body is sure letting me know. I was told how important REST is and finally I think I get it. REST is a very important part of the equation. I keep learning and learning. Thank goodness.

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