Day 115 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Happy Earth Day! 

Here is the poster we are using at the IDEA Convention.

Happy Earth Day!

 Take good care of yourselves and take good care of our planet.



8 thoughts on “Day 115 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. I forgot to say that when we were down to breakfast this morning we saw many of the conference participants. You knew immediately who there were – they were the ones whose faces radiated health, energy, and happiness. I am not kidding. I am already inspired.

  2. Happy Earth day, today we had the first day of the Fusion Fitness Expo. We did not go to the hotel gym, but we did walk many miles going from the Uhaul in the hotel garage to the expo center. We had a good time at the expo, and things went great, we will be back tomorrow. We had a late start yesterday, between Dana getting locked in the bathroom, Darla taking the door off, and the Uhaul place being out to lunch when we went to pick up our trailer, but we still had a great day and drive.

  3. Hey great start! This has been very fun and inperspiring. We feel very at home with the people who ae attending the expo, tons of fun new ways to exercise and a bunch of new friends.
    Most of the exhibitors refer to us as the towel people..wierd..we totally ran the hallways, lifted weights(bins) and sold our hearts out!Now relaxing and getting ready for a brand new day!! Peace and love

  4. Today I ventured back to the trail I met a couple weeks ago, only with a shorter legged friend. Our stride is much better matched. It only took us like forty minutes to do a little over two miles, a giant stom was coming, I think that helped us finish up. After I got home I helped my niece put together her senior invitations…..holy moly…..so many things stuck in there my brain got its work out too…….either way…..good night all……

  5. It is a great poster and I’m so happy to hear about all the positive things happening in Chicago. It’s wonderful to hear that you all are being inspired when you all do such a great job at inspiring everyone else. Had a great workout today and rested well tonight. Both felt real good.

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