Day 116 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Inperspire Crew

So, we are here in Chicago at the IDEA Fusion Conference and it is just SO good.   I will post more pictures later today (everyone is waiting on me for the FREE breakfast so I don’t have much time).  We met a lot of very nice personal trainers yesterday as well as other exhibitors – I will give you the low down on who is at the convention later today.  In the meantime, what’s going on in your neck of the woods?  How’s your weather?  How are your workouts?

Peace and love,


9 thoughts on “Day 116 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Thanks to everyone for all your nice and inspiring comments. We read them together and it honestly just made our day!

    I hit a wall last night, fell asleep on the couch sitting up (next to Dana), slept for an hour, woke up for pizza, back to sleep an hour later (it was only 10 pm at that time) and slept the night through:)

    We went to the hotel gym today and got in a good workout! It felt good.

    Diane – When is the big day?

    Fashion – I love design and marketing. I ALWAYS run out of time when trying to design things and so we appreciate your offer 🙂

    Okay, off to the expo. Catch you on the flip flop and the flim flam (that’s a Jimmy quote).

  2. Hey everyone we are here at the convention .We got up early today and got our fit on, this was fun and really got us jazzed for the expo today. Things are great and thanks for everyone’s support. Love and Peace

  3. Ah…..so busy today and the weather is yuck…..and i am with no car to go to the gym so pheobe and I went for a quick trot and then the clouds started talking to us so we tucked tail and ran home……..

  4. Sounds like you guys are really working hard over there. As much as you had to carry from the truck to the show room you didn’t need to work out also, but I’m sure it made you feel good.
    I didn’t work out today. Had to go to a birthday party and spent the morning making a salad for it. But Dano went without me. Have a great day.

  5. Great picture. The only thing better would have been all 4 of you in it. Had the start of my makeover today. The salon Channel 5 chose cut and colored my hair. Color is good… Cut well trying to figure that out…I must admit that I am not the best at change, it will take some getting use to plus it rained off and on all day so had the frizzes going on. Friday April 30 is the finale and they are sending us back to the salon for hair and makeup before the airing. Should be interesting. Due to the busy morning that work that afternoon I was only able to get a good walk in. Must keep moving for big weigh in Tues. I’m sure nervous.

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