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Day 120 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

I took so many pictures at the Expo that I thought a slideshow might be the best way to post.  We met some really nice people and I made Dana try out all the fun things and take pictures with everyone.  She is a good sport.  I will let her tell you about how hard KoreFit was – she was brave to try.  The Bosu ball challenge was a blast and none of the Expo attendees could resist it.  The challenge was to squat on the Bosu and move balls from one bucket to the next in a certain amount of time.  It was a difficult challenge, but everyone cheered each other on.  The other challenge that was even more difficult was the TRX 40/40 — 40 crunch pushups (with feet in the straps) followed by 40 incline pull-ups (again with the straps).  I saw several people almost vomit at the end – it was awesome!  The Lebert Fitness guys, Marc and Chris, worked hard demonstrating the buddy strap system and some of the other equipment.  They do demos all day long – no wonder they are in such good shape.  The people at Celsius (energy drink mix) were SO nice.  Lisa, the one standing to the left of Dana is one of their main spokespeople.  She has lost 180 pounds in 18 months.  They were kind enough to give us Celsius samples to try.  I will review Celsius as soon as I get over this flu – it – the flu – has knocked me for a loop.  Anyhoooooo, I wish Dana would let me post the hilarious picture I took of her and Lisa – it makes me laugh just thinking of it – but she has forbidden me to do so 🙂  As soon as I get better I will also review the Hit It! Kickbox dvd I bought from Constance Papciak and DJ KJ, they are featured in one of the pics.  I haven’t had a chance to take picture of my cute bootcamp pants yet, but I promise, Fashion, that I will take a picture to show you.  You are going to need them for Zumba.

I hope you all stay healthy and happy.  Today is Diane’s final weigh-in.  GO GO GO, Diane!

Have a tenacious Tuesday and happy sweating to all!


14 thoughts on “Day 120 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. First off Dana is too cute, and such a trooper for trying everything out! Looks like you had a lot of fun and learned about a lot of new products. That’s the kind of event that I definitely need to go to! Hope you feel better the flu is never any fun.

    I can’t wait to see your boot camp pants!

    It’s finally nice weather so I will be able to get back into my running groove FINALLY!

    Have a great day!


  2. Hey Fashion – I am happy to hear you will soon be back in the groove! It is amazing how great it feels to be outside playing rather than inside. Hope you have a great run today.

    Diane – Per your comments yesterday…Can you imagine that you would ever utter the sentence “It was a great workout with sprinting, stairmaster, jump rope, burpees, and more sprinting”? To many people that workout would sound torturous! I love that – that’s how far you have come. I was wondering how you were going to keep quiet about the weigh-in. I was even thinking we could secretly call you and get the results on the sly, but being blindfolded will solve the dilemma “to tell or not to tell, that is the question”. I am glad you are giving in to your new hair. They must have cut it short. Lotsa’ luck today, sister. ~Karma

  3. We all had a great time at the event. Today I am not so much doing a traditional workout, but more of an all day easy workout. I am moving boxes and filling orders and moving things around the InPerspire office, and when I am done with that I will go do a TJ’s workout for 6 hours.

  4. Hey everyone.. I must say it was fun and the pics are totally awesome. Thanks to our photographer Karma. I am hitting the gym with Greg in about 10 mins.. Happy Tuesday and Go go go go go Diane

  5. WOW! I wish I had been there! Sounded AND looked awesome! Some tough workouts! I work on my balance alot since I overpronate big time! I can barely do it on solid ground BUT I work at it.

    Great workout this morn with cardio, chest, abs/core!

  6. So I am pretty excited. Today was very productive and I think I have reached the top of the fat belly summit and will be able to start really shedding fat layers……I don’t know what is happening with my computer but I want to see the pictures and it is not letting me. Either way, I made it to the gym today to do some good stuff. I gave my arms some attention and then power walked a mile on the treadmill. Then went to the store to get some food goods…..McDonald’s has been calling me……now I can resist.
    Good night!

    • Smith, so glad to hear you are at the top of a mountain – it is so much easier on the other side! I hope your computer will let you see the pics; let me know if it won’t and I will email the slideshow to you. Think of McDonalds as the call of the Sirens that Odysseus had to resist – the sound is so sweet but what’s behind it isn’t! ~Karma

    • Hi Cynthia 🙂 I am so glad Robert likes his towel. Our boy is named Robert (we call him Robbie). I would love to hear him singing, Let it Shine. That just makes me smile! ~Karma

  7. I so enjoyed the slide show. What a great experience that must have been. Congrats to you all for all your hard work and hope you were able to reap some great benefits from your “Wild and Crazy Weekend.” The weigh in went well however with the 3 of us being blindfolded we really don’t know much more than we did. We are just kind of speculating, however Friday @ 3pm SHOW ME ST. LOUIS CHANNEL 5 the winner will be announced live on TV so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I wasn’t able to get to the gym today however at work I did the stairs. 38 steps up/38 steps down resulted in 1 trip…so by the end of the night I had done 20 trips. I decided better than nothing. Move it Move it Move it.

    • That is so right, Diane. Move it to lose it! I think that is one of many things that working out regularly does for you – when you can’t get to the gym or outside to do a proper workout – you figure out a way to do something anywhere you are – it’s kind of fun. Jimmy and I took to the very noisy hotel stairs after our hotel gym workout to add a little extra zest to our calorie burn. Dana showed me a fun arm workout. Laying on a bench (but you don’t need the bench to do the exercise) you throw a medicine ball (the small ones, not like the medicine balls I used in the gym back in the day) in the air as many times as you can. I loved it. Jimmy loved it. Jimmy and I will be watching on Friday and you already know we are always thinking of you. SWA should have a special TV set up – Jimmy will talk to Happy Bob about that. Keep it up, sister.

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