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Day 121 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Last night was Biggest Loser night!  Yay!  According to Men’s Health 5 of the 10 fattest cities in America are located in Texas.  Texans like to win, but I think this is one ranking they wouldn’t mind losing.  The Biggest Loser contestants spent their week in Texas showing the Texans how it’s done.  They ran a 5k with people who had not exercised or even walked 3 miles in years.  I shed more than a few tears watching some very unhealthy people draw inspiration from Sam and Koli, from Sunshine and O’Neal, from Ashley, and Daris, and Michael.  I try to pick a favorite quote from the show each week, but it was hard to pick a favorite from last night’s show because there were so many.  Here are my favorites.

I love the way I feel and want them (the Texans) to know that happiness. ~Sam

It just takes a small step and you will see big results. ~O’Neal

It was hitting those milestones.  It was addicting.  Set small goals and reach them. ~Michael

You have to want it…can’t no one give it you. ~O’Neal

I am your hope.  You are my hope. ~ONeal

The Biggest Loser contestants are role models for people who struggle to live a healthy lifestyle and I soon realized that this is what our community is for each other.  As O’Neal said, we are each other’s hope, we show each other the way, we set the bar for each other, we are role models.  Imagine that as you go about your daily lives you are role models for many people, some you know, others you do not.  Keep up the good work and…

Stand up and finish what you started. ~Sam

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

P.S.  Since I am not quite over being sick yet, I am going to put off my reviews of the kickbox video and Celsius until next week.


6 thoughts on “Day 121 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Thanks Jody! I think I turned a corner while I slept last night. It feels so good to be on the mend. Thanks for being a role model to thousands of men and women. ~Karma

  2. Cynthia – I just caught up with your previous days’ comments. Goodness, pneumonia and running a 5k without knowing it! You should be impressed 🙂 Jimmy had pneumonia a few years back – and my mom last year – it wasn’t the easiest to get over. Be sure to take good care of yourself.

  3. Unfortunately I don’t get to watch the Biggest Loser but not to fear…Karma brings me up to date. Great Quotes! Since Channel 5 is coming to the house tomorrow you can only imagine what I’ve been doing all day. I did sneak out at 1:30 to go to my 2nd to last workout . Tomorrow will be the last official one since the FINALE is Friday. Love those workouts(especially when they are finished ha!)All the quotes are true but I sure believe in “It just takes a small step and you will see results.” My, my how true that is.

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