Day 122 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

I thought it was high time we get to hear a new voice on this blog and Jimmy kindly agreed to lend his support.  Here is his post for today 🙂

...and I took the road less traveled by.

Every day we are faced with choices, all of our choices come with consequences, some big, some small, e.g., do I buy a house or rent.  Some will have little impact on our life, do I wear a blue shirt or a red one, however, some choices are life changing, do I take control of my life, my health, my happiness or do I leave all of those choices up to chance.  That was the choice I had to make a little over a year ago.

I made the choice to take control of my life, and since I made that choice, I am the happiest I have been in years.  I work on what matters, and my health, my happiness, and my life are all moving in the right direction.  

Physical fitness is a choice that all of us who follow this blog are faced with each day.  We can all think of many excuses why we cannot exercise today.  I have come up with many over the past two weeks:  I need to clean my house, office, car, yard.  I need to work today at Trader Joe’s.  I need to get InPerspire ready for the Fusion conference…and the list goes on.  Today the excuses stop.  I will take one hour of each day to do some form of exercise – that is only 7 hours out of a 168 hour week.  I think I deserve that.


7 thoughts on “Day 122 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Way to put us all on track again Jimmy. That really made me think of all the excuses I give each day. Altho yesterday was really a bad day to get my exercise going, BUT–today I was out with the dog in the snow again. We now have about 3-4 inches on the ground, he loved it I hated it. I did do a little on the treadmill also, but not as far as I should. I will quit giving excuses and will do better tomorrow. Good post Jimmy!

  2. So right, Jimmy. When you put it into the 7 hours out of 168 hours perspective it makes it seem silly that I don’t commit an hour everyday. I turned the corner on the flu today. Tomorrow will be my first day back exercising. I am so looking forward to it. I will, of course, take it slowly. ~Karma

  3. GREAT POST Jimmy!!! And I always loved that poem!

    I had a wonderful workout. I started out tired & dragging & then all of a sudden it kicked in & I kicked a**! 🙂

  4. What a great picture and post! I will think of this often as I go through the weekend..Thanks for the uplift!!! Greg and I walked 3 miles today even though I think I am get the flu like Karma and Greg.

  5. Very insightful Jimmy! Good food for thought which is always a good thing. As you talk about excuses it brings to mind what was said to me not all that long ago when I had a reason(excuse) for not being able to do a certain something. It was said to me, “Excuses are nothing but well thought out lies.”. At first I was rather offended because I certainly don’t see myself as a liar, but as he explained that it is all a matter of making the time to do something, then the next thing you know we glorify it by coming up with all these reasons why we can’t, then ….Bingo…it made sense. Now every time I start an excuse I catch myself and just own up to it. Strange how that works…Thanks for bringing excuses up, it helps to think about it. Cameras were at the house and gym today filming my day. It was kind of weird but and I just kept a chattering. Imagine that! FINALE TOMORROW! Please keep your fingers crossed!

  6. Great post, Jimmy. I have found that it is so important to make time for yourself and fitness. When I don’t, I become a bear.

    Today was another day when climbing the stairs was enough of a workout for me. I’m hoping the meds start kicking in soon. I’m itching to run with this great spring weather.

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