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Day 123 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

 Who Will She Be?    

Mystery Woman

 The winner of this year’s “Lose a ton Challenge” will be announced today at 3pm.    

As one of the contestants, Diane has posted much of her journey to her phenomenal weight loss on this blog.  I know all of us wish her the best of luck today!    


She has worked hard.  Really hard.  Never missing a workout.  Giving 110% each and everytime.    

Here’s to you Diane for making choices that were literally life changing.    

We await the results!     

Happy Friday.  GO-GO-GO Diane!    

P.S.  We also want to wish Cynthia a speedy recovery so she can get back on the road soon!


8 thoughts on “Day 123 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Diane, I am feeling good about this, but either way your a winner. Today we walked a 5K and I did some arm weights, and cleaned up the yard after the St Louis wind and stroms, for those of you that live in St Louis, you know what I am talking about. Darla is feeling a little beter today but not enough to go running, that is why we walked our 5K.
    Cynthia, I know all to well about that sickness, hope you are back on the road soon.

  2. Diane you are a WINNER no matter what the outcome..We are all so proud of you and love the inspiration you have given us!! I love your post yesterday.

    Cynthia..being sick is horrible. I did not do any exercise today due to the sickness..I feel terrible so I am right there with you.

  3. OH that’s awesome…..! Great Job!

    Today was pretty busy for me at work, big huge difference from the rest of the week…..I’m so glad people remebered Waffle House existed. So I have alot to accomplish this evening so I found this core exercises with the ball to do…..I really need to keep with these and get better……my balance was way off……either way….Have a great weekend!

  4. OMG. way to go Diane. We all knew you could do it but it still is so exciting to hear that you did so. You have worked so hard, and I enjoyed hearing what you were doing everyday. I loved your post yesterday on Excuses are just lies, made me think twice before telling any excuses today!! Congrats to you.
    We did go out for the walk this morning and after walking through the snow again, I felt like I put on an extra 1/2 mile… Again Diane, fantastic. Momb

  5. Thank you for all of your kind words. I so appreciate all the support I received and certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

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