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Day 124 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Question for today:

When is the scale your friend and not your enemy?

Answer:  When the numbers reflect your hard work – and – when it helps you win a trip to Mexico!

Of course, I am referring to Diane’s awesome win yesterday.  She lost a total of 23.67% of her body weight for a total weight loss of 55.5 lbs.  Brilliant.  Absolutely billiant!  There weren’t any magic pills or secret weight loss cures involved.  It was just good ol’ hard work and being conscious about diet and exercise that made Diane a winner!

I used to really dislike the scale.  I avoided it at all costs.  I now know why…because truth was in the numbers and the scale does not lie.  Before we started this odyssey I would not weigh because if I had done so the scale would have read 155 lbs – not an acceptable weight for me.  At 155 lbs that number would have meant, “You need to do something now!”, but by avoiding the scale I was able to continue to eat too  much, exercise too little, party too much.

It’s been 124 days and I now have a very different relationship with my scale.  Does it define who I am?  Absolutely not.  What the scale does for me is keeps me honest.  It keeps me true to the goals I have set for myself.  I told Jimmy last night – it feels so good to be thinner.  He agreed.

Thank you, scale 🙂

Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Saturday!



8 thoughts on “Day 124 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Second day back from being sick. It feels so good to feel so good again! We walked/ran 4 miles today. It’s pretty humid here, but it feels good. Abs afterwards and stetching.

  2. Diane’s a winner all around this month – she also earned the most gold stars. Congrats, Diane. Fashion you were a close second as was CDale. Keep up the good work. The InPerspire crew had a strong beginning, but ran into a few obstacles towards the end of the month. Cynthia ran into an obstacle of her own. Darlene took a really nice vacation. Smith picked it up and is about ready to break through a barrier, I believe. Jody, of course, was a true trooper throughtout. Dani and T-unit we are looking for big things from you next month.

    For May, I think I figured out a way to keep track of our gold stars day by day (so it is clearer). We are also giving away a Mystery Prize at the end of the month. Everyone is eligible to play. Good luck and have a great workout month!

    If you are new to the blog, all you have to do to earn a gold star is workout and post about it 🙂

  3. OK, I think I want to be back in for May! You have me intrigued!

    Congrats Diane! AMAZING!!!!!! It is hard work but the payoff is awesome!

    As for the scale, I weigh myself each day first thing… but my clothes tell me more at times… ya have to use both, especially if you weight train.

    Karma, glad you are better!

  4. The scale thing is a little scary now. I agree with Jody, your clothes tell a big story. I would like to believe the scale is a fairy tale– but somehow it’s rings true. I’m hoping that when we can get back to warm Summer (cutting lawns and taking longer walks a few times a day) that it will help take off some of the weight I’ve gained lately.
    We went walking in the Rain (snow and hail)today. Kind of fun. See ya! Momb

  5. Personally, I hate the scale. Our society is too fixed on it. Yes, the numbers do matter to some extent (let’s face it, weighing too much or too little is just plain unhealthy), but we need to base more on how we feel.

    Thought about running today – I think that’s a good sign. If I didn’t know better, I probably would have headed out. I’m hoping a few more days will clear me up and I can head back to cardio.

  6. You all are soooo sweet and all your support is just overwhelming. Yes, my challenge is now officially over but my journey is yet to be completed. I still have another 30 lbs to go which means my scale and I will do our best to keep our great relationship going. My dietitian said that we should only weigh once a week and at the start that is all I did. However I found out that for myself I needed to weigh everyday to see the instant results. It seemed that on those days I had lost weight, the scale gave me that encouragement to keep going and stay strong. But on those days when the scale was not so kind, that’s when I realized I must stay really focused to GET THOSE GOOD RESULTS! Weighing is such a personal thing but exactly what I need to be accountable and there is truly something to say about be held accountable. Today was the 1st day of my continuing journey. Glad you all are a part of it. I went to an hour long class step/weights then I got on the treadmill and jog/sprint 1 mile. Good workout then it was time to get ready for work.

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