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Day 125 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Our Theme for this Month


A new month, a new day, new opportunities…it’s May.  Yay!  I thought we would inject a mystery into this month’s Gold Star giveaway.  The person who earns the most gold stars this month gets a…

Mystery Gift (kind of like the game Mystery Date for those of you old enough to remember that game).

Jody from Truth 2 Being Fit said she’s in…what about you?  Everyone is eligible.  Just post your workout and I will award the gold stars.  I am looking for a big month from everyone.

Other Bits & Pieces:

(1) Jimmy is going to post each Monday – “Start the week with Jimmy”.

(2) Greg & Dana love to cook and try new recipes.  They are going to post weekly about their newest “creation” (I haven’t asked them yet, they are still asleep (Seattle time is two hours behind us), but I am hoping they will say yes).

(3) I want to dedicate one post a week to a favorite picture – something along the lines of Oprah’s Breathing Space or just a photo that brings you joy.  I have the first picture ready to post, but new vistas are always nice so if you take a picture you especially like, I invite you to submit it for posting.

(4)  CDale, aka, Momb (after the Saturday Night Live skit with the Loopners) has crocheted 10 scarfs for our Handmade Especially for You project.  I hope to finish one by the end of the day.  I told you she was fast!

Have a super Sunday!


10 thoughts on “Day 125 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. I absolutely love the theme for May! This is the month that I MUST see some results! The wedding is approaching rapidly and while my dress “fits” I want to get smaller and get some serious alterations done. So I am hoping for the best!! This morning I did the 30 day shred and will be doing some weights shortly its a rainy day today so thats never any fun! I am loving your new fabulous blog ideas!


  2. it is still early here and looks as if Karma has roped Greg and I into recipe posting..hmmm I think this will be fun.I will try to promise healthy recipies but sometimes we just gotta live!!! I will post our workout results later.

  3. I have lost track of days……mystery gift though that sounds AMAZING….I am pretty excited. I have had a lazy start today but I have to make ribs and treats for later so I’m gonna kick on the easytones and get that stuff ready, then take Pheobe out for a trot. I went for a walk yesterday at a local conservation area, it is crazy how quiet it gets there. Then I got in touch with my kid inside and played on the swings, good fun. Alright, I shall post later to confirm said activities for the day, I had to post now so I couldn’t talk myself out of it:)

  4. I LOVE the new additions! Very exciting & looking forward to them!

    Got a great jog in this morn along with abs/core. Will do more stretching later!

    Happy Sunday to all!

  5. This is really a fun idea Karma. Jimmy and you can come up with terrific things to keep us all entertained. Dana and Greg, are great cooks, so everyone be prepared to enjoy.
    We dashed through the snow again this morn. with dog in tow. Now it’s time go shopping and maybe get on the treadmill again this afternoon. Hope everyones day is a great one. Momb

  6. Looks like we are all to a strong start. Today I went to the gym and did 35 min on the Cybex 2 miles on the treadmill, and abs. Also, I am so lucky I get to hang out at TJ’s for 7 hours today, and we all know how much I like to work on the weekend. TJ’s is a great place I just do not like to work when Darla is home.

  7. Jimmy took the words right out of my mouth – it looks like we are starting strong this month. Love all the comments and thumbs up for the upcoming new segments on our blog 🙂 Thanks!

    Today was Zumba. It felt good to dance my behind off (literally). I wore my Camo-Zumba pants and it was even more fun. I even put on my tiara for a bit.

    Good news: I weigh 138.5 lbs today. It’s a miracle! If you had asked me if this was even a possibility before we started 125 days ago, I would have said “no”. I feel more like myself than I have in 7 or 8 years. I wish you were here to hear the sigh of relief I feel…aaahhhh.

    Before I got sick I promised myself that weights were going to play a larger part of my workout routine (I want to make you proud Jody! I also want to proudly use my “Lift” towel). I am finally feeling well enough again to even think about weights so today I am working on how to incorporate weights into my weekly routines. I want to lose weight because I was too heavy for my age and height, but like you said, Cynthia, it’s all about feeling healthy! Thanks to everyone for their great comments about what the scale means to them. CDale – fairy tale or not – I think you are right that the scale is a bit of both.

    Diane, your post yesterday was just right on target. You have really just begun a new journey. You finished your first journey with style and panache and now you are on a journey that will take a lifetime of love and caring for yourself. We are with you and we are really glad you are with us.

    Erica at Fashion: When is the big date? How much time do we have to get you feeling perfect for your dress and your day? Have you considered that perhaps you are perfect enough already? I will take a picture of my new workout pants and post them later today. I am also going to do the Hit it! Kickbox dvd today. I watched from the couch the other day when I was sick and I think I am in for a serious butt-kicking.

    Smith – It sounds like you have a lovely Sunday planned and your Saturday sounds like it was great – a walk with the dog, a conservation area, and getting to act like a kid again, priceless. Enjoy your ribs!

    Cynthia – Keep feeling better. We will send more vegetable soup your way if it will make you feel better. I think it is a positive sign you thought about running today 🙂

    Gee, that was a long comment, but if you can imagine that’s only the half of it…

  8. Alright, said activities have been done…..and as some icing on my workout I got to move a washing machine full of water to clean it’s pump out. My sister purchased THE most tempramental machine ever…….a penny turns it’s whole world upside down…..agh……..

  9. Sunday was a crazy day for me however in the midst of the craziness I was able to go for a 2 1/2 mile walk/jog with my at home personal trainer, Odin (my alaskan malamute). What a beautiful day, good music and good time. The rain lately has made everything so pretty and green.

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