Day 126 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Today we begin our regular Monday feature post: “It’s a Jimmy Thing”.

My first piece of Monday advice: Stop Stressing about getting things done.

We all lead very busy lives.  I am one of four partners in InPerspire.  I work part-time four days a week at another job. I try to keep our house up, try to have healthy and fresh food in the house, and try to exercise daily.  I am sure many of your schedules are even busier than mine.

Numerous times a day I find myself saying either “I need to do that” or “I need to get that done”.   Every day I  have many things to keep me busy: laundry, cleaning the house, painting the mailbox, cutting the grass…the list goes on.   I used to stress about not getting everything done, but after reading an article in Inc. Magazine (“Driven to Distraction: Are your business problems making you insane? Take a deep breath and repeat after me:  It just doesn’t matter”) by Jason Fried, I think I finally get it.  If I get everything done today great, but if not life goes on.

Beginning today, right  now, I am going to start focusing on TODAY.  I will still make plans and goals for the future, but my main focus is on TODAY.  If the grass needs to be cut or the mailbox needs painting, but Darla and I want to go for a bike ride, or just sit in the sun and enjoy each other’s company, that is what we are going to do.  The rest will get done another today.

Today, I stop worrying about what InPerspire is going to do in five years and concentrate on taking care of business and our customers today. 

Today, I stop concentrating on the neighbors spending all weekend in the yard (and feeling guilty if I was not able to), and start concentrating on who had the better weekend.   

Today, I am going to stop stressing about making it to the grocery store, so I can make a “fancy” dinner…we can always have omelets. 

Today, we go on vacation whenever we want.  If it rains when we are gone, which means the the yard will look good when we return, great.  If it doesn’t rain, then not so good, but for me I only need to answer one question: Would we have had more fun staying home watering the grass or riding bikes along a beach somewhere?

When my family and other people think about me I would rather have them say that I am a lot of fun to be around, and that I know how to have a good time, not that my grass was always green and my car was always clean.

So, my advice for the day, embrace your lazy side, live your life, and go for the gusto.

Have a great day.


10 thoughts on “Day 126 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy…..Fabulous advice my friend. What a terrific way to start out the week. Very inspirational and I love all the new ideas you all have for each week and for the month of May. What a true pleasure it is to be part of such a highly motivated and inspirational group of people. Honestly, I look forward everyday to reading about everyone. It always puts a HUGE SMILE on my face. Ok before I go off the deep end here just a carrying on I’ll let you know that today will be another day to be outside with Odin and enjoy the beautiful weather and all of nature’s beauty. Wishing you all a HAPPY MONDAY.

  2. Ah I agree! There’s nothing more important than enjoying the sunshine and your loved ones. I might take the laziness too far though when it’s time to go to the gym! Everything in moderation I suppose 🙂

  3. I have not done any true exercise yet, but after I get back from the Post Office and market I plan on doing arm weights and maybe go for a walk when Darla gets home. What do you think about the number 193.5, no it is not a radio station, that is my weight, and for those of you keeping track that would be 16.5 pounds, thats how I roll.

  4. Loved this post Jimmy!!!! I also love how you guys make time for exercise! I have a guest post on this Thursday & I would love for you to comment & let people know that they can make time!!!

    Yahoo for TODAY!

    I started out with a somewhat frustrating workout as I work out when people normally are not around & there were way too many people for me! 🙂

    Saying that, put it aside & had a great all weight workout!!! I love the weights!

  5. Jimmy, you make my day. What neat things you give us to think about. I hate to make excuses, but my new beginnings will have to wait until tomorrow. To much going on today, but Dad and I did get a walk with the Dano tonight, although I could hardly lift one leg after the other. Tomorrow—tomorrow ! M.

  6. Jimmy you know I love this post!! This is you and me to a T!!! It is raining here..not the light sprinkle we seattlites tell everyone about, I am talking the can’t run from the store to your car rain without being soaked to the bone. I idd not workout inside or outside today but will be back at the gym tomorrow. I am so sore from yesterday lifting 25 (55lb) bags and spreading mulch throughout our yard. We also planted flowers, spread moss killer and Greg started an new stone path to our backyard.

  7. Love the Jimmy Thing! Today was one of my two allotted days off this week. I was actually exhausted at work today and came home and slept for 2 hours. Jimmy made some of his most excellent spaghetti and that has made me feel better. Given my schedule tomorrow, it may end up being my second day off this week. That doesn’t make me happy, but in the spirit of Jimmy’s post “c’est la vie”.

  8. Love the post.

    I did nothing today. I didn’t fret about vacuuming, laundry, putting away the toys… I slept and it was great.

    Hoping tomorrow’s x-ray will clear me to get out later in the week.

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