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Day 127 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

“Breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” ~Sanksrit proverb

Our towel of the month is Breathe.

Building on Jimmy’s post yesterday, in the midst of our busy and sometimes hectic lives we need to take time each day to Breathe. 

You can do it right now. 

Sit comfortably. Close your right nostril with right hand and inhale slowly and deeply through your left nostril. Then close your left nostril to exhale slowly through your right nostril. Inhale through right nostril, then close it to exhale through left. Repeat for a few minutes (Yoga for Energy & Balance).

Feel better?  We thought so.

Our Breathe towel also makes a great Mother’s Day gift for the person who breathed life into you 🙂 Breathe is on special this  month for $8.

Work hard and play hard – but take time to breathe!


14 thoughts on “Day 127 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. I love this towel. Reminds us all to take a few minutes everyday and clear our minds and body. I will try this more often than I have in the past.
    Dano and I finished our walk this a.m. We had a little trouble around the Jr. High though. They had a fire drill and there must have been a zillion kids everywhere which kept us from our usual destination. Oh well change is good huh ! Hope everyones day is even better than yesterday.–M

    • Hi M! You have a lot on your plate these days and you certainly must make time to breathe a little. I wish we were there to help you. Taking Dano for a walk and a fire drill…hmmm…I can’t imagine how everyone made it out in one piece 🙂 Keep up the good work. ~Karma

    • Jody – I just cannot imagine a day/time when you do not put your utmost into it. It seems like working out is so much a part of your life that breathing and lifting are almost the same thing – that’s where I want to go!

  2. The Breathe towel is a great towel, and I think that many people feel the same way, because they have been selling fast today. I am going out for a run with Darla in about one hour when she gets home from work and right before I go to work, at my other job.

  3. SOooo, I have had a pretty bad case of the lazies. Today, however to kick them in the butt for a little bit of a scare, I stayed at work two hours later. To beat that, when I got home, I had the “conversation” that happpens all too much…….”well I could do this or that instead…..” HOWEVER……I read the blog and thought man I really gotta do some stuff!!!!I haven’t been going to the gym because I do not like people sometimes and it is so nice outside, so on that thought and the astonishment of Ms. Erica’s 10k, I decided to go on a pretty good walk with my personal trainer, Pheobe. We went to the Waynesville Park from home. Which I realize means nothing to most of you, so based on my not so trusty but we’re going to anyways pedometer, Pheobe and I got in 3.6 miles…..HUGE for us……..I really feel like it should be a lot farther…..I am going to have to do some investigating. I walked in my easytones so I could tone my rearview and Pheobe was so great…..she’s always scared of the traffic, but we made it over a bridge and everything.

    I must say that even though my lazies got the best of me (I’ve been putting puzzles together…..they suck me in) I did read the blog yesterday and it was great. Also, I appreciate you all letting me ramble on about everything and nothing at all……with run-on sentences at that. 🙂

    Well good day to all!!!!!! I gotta go buy Pheobe some food, she says she is hungry now…..

    • Smith – I didnt get to comment on your moving the washer workout the other day 🙂 I love to read your comments because, like Dana said, it’s good to know others “hear the voices” and struggle. I am also glad this Miss Erica’s 10 miler did the trick to get you out walking. 3.6 miles that’s just plain gooooooood! ~Karma

  4. Smith I love your ramblings even though they are not ramblings at all. It is nice to see other people have our same thoughts,feelings and struggles this is what helps us get back on track!! I waited for the rain to stop then took a quick walk/jog, not far but atleast I made it out!!

  5. True to his word, Jimmy waited for me to get home from work to go for a run, but it was so hot (86ish) and I was so tired and hadn’t eaten properly (you think I would have learned from Diane’s experience a few weeks ago) that to say I struggled would be an understatement. We finally decided I should walk. Tonite I lifted the body bar at home and for that I am proud. I am looking forward to a nice run in the morning. ~Karma

  6. Karma, you know I can totally relate to your struggle however you kept going and there is something to say for that. Atta Girl! I went to the gym to a power sculpting class which is 1 solid hour of weights focusing on every muscle group. It’s one of those classes that remind me I’m not near as fit as I would like to give myself credit for(ha). It certainly keeps me working hard to keep up and regardless of how hard it is I know it has to be good for me!!!! In addition for the last couple of nights after work some co-workers and I have started walking outside for about an hour. What a good way to work off frustrations and it’s always so nice to have someone to walk with. Everyone seems to be enjoying it so we will do our best to stay with it.

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