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Day 128 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Last night was Makeover Night on the Biggest Loser. 

We saw some amazing transformations, but there were downs as well as ups.  Some of the contestants were frustrated because as far as they have come they still have a long way to go.  One of the bright spots was when Koli, who looked phenomenal, received a lei from his parents.  A lei is the traditional gift given to acknowledge a great accomplishment.  It was a special moment when Koli’s parents placed the lei over his shoulders.  You could see how proud they were of his accomplishments.  This got me to thinking…  

All of us have been working on some kind of change, some of it we can see on the outside, some of it on the inside.  In honor of passing thresholds of accomplishments I present all of us with this lei to honor how far we have come. 


That being said, we still have more to accomplish so in the words of Bob Harper:

“Stand up and finish what you started.”

And in the words of Koli:

Instead of running away from it…run into it.

P.S. Ashanti was on the show last night to sing her beautiful song “Shine”.  Despite the fact that she was wearing a dress that made me say, “What was she thinking?”, the song was beautiful and meaningful to the contestants.  You can listen to Shine here.


16 thoughts on “Day 128 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

  1. The Lei is beautiful. Makes me long for Hawaii.

    I am trying to get out for the walk this morning, but I think I will have to go to Grandma’s agin to help her. Maybe that lei has more meaning for me in the inside as I’m sure not getting much done in the exercise department to help with the weight bit. Oh well, it will come in time.

    Maybe I could use a vacation in Hawaii !!! M.

    • M – I wish we could buy you a trip to Hawaii for Mother’s Day! Btw, you insides are already good and your outside is perfect! Maybe you will get time this evening for a walk. ~Karma

  2. This song is beautiful. I don’t post often but I read every day and I see the wonderful accomplishments of everyone. Everyone has worked very hard. Here’s to an even stronger May!

  3. Hey T-unit, We want you to post more, whether you are working out or not, because your comments are always thoughtful and fun! I am glad you liked that song it was beautiful, but you should have seen her dress…

  4. Hey T-unit
    I love it when you post. Sure do miss you guys.
    Makes me feel like ur a little closer. Love–M

  5. Jimmy and I walked/ran our usual 5k this morning. It is absolutely beautiful weather here. I felt much better today, but was still struggling a bit. I have to remind myself that because I am human (not a robot) that I cannot perform the same every single day. We did run the small hill and the big hill – so that is good news. ~Karma

  6. Diane – I loved your “Atta Girl” from last night’s (early this morning’s) post. That is just what I needed. I told Jody and all of you that I was going to incorporate more weights into my routine and I totally didn’t think about doing a power sculpt class. I love Group X classes and this may be the perfect way for me to get back into those weights – thanks for reminding me – and I am glad to hear you were pushed to your limit – that’s good for us, I think 🙂 I also love to hear that you are walking with co-workers after work. That is just so good for everyone. Jimmy used to get the ops agents walking the terminal during the day and I think everyone was happier. Keep up the good work. I think you will change some lives in the process.

  7. I have TBL recorded but have not watched yet but yes, that lei makes me want to be in Hawaii!

    Great workout this morn.. lots of cardio & of course my beloved weights! YES!

    • I should put – spoiler alert at the beginning of my BL posts 🙂 I think you will be surprised by some of the things that happened on last night’s show and I would love to know who you think had the best makeover!

  8. Well, Pheobe and I got in a good trot, just through the neighborhood today though. When I returned…..I got in some crunches and then my favorite….the plank…….my gut it pretty weak so I like it’s immediate feel of burn through my tummy, sides and arms……I read an article how if you hold yourself in the same position at different levels for like thirty seconds it is just as effective as doing per say a push up in the regards to the plank……so I did only like three reps of that…..sadly i know i am going to feel it in the morning……

    • Love the plank! I need to embrace it more often 🙂 The other day in boot camp they had us get into plank position and then we took one of our elbows off the mat and raised that arm up in the arm (fingers pointing to ceiling) and then hold. I honestly didn’t think I could do it, but I did! Let’s make up a plank challenge. Who’s game?

  9. Beautiful post going for a long walk after dinner, without Lewis so I can make it past the bottomof my driveway(really).

  10. I didn’t work out today but did go back to work. My lungs are clear! I can’t wait to get out tomorrow night; reading all of the comments about running and walking is really motivating me to get out!

  11. Gotta love the lei along with gotta love planks!!! Two simple things to make a person feel better. Sometimes it’s that easy..just gotta forcus on feeling better. I learned another lesson today regarding exercising with friends. I had a busy morning before work and was trying to figure out howto get some exercise in before going to work and then I realized that myself and coworkers had agreed to walk again tonight after work so I quit pressuring myself to exercise this morning. I packed clothes to change after work and everything. Then much to my dismay everyone backed out on me and walking outside at night alone wasn’t very appealing so needless to say NO exercise for me today. Lesson learned is: Always exercise on my own then if group exercise with co-workers happens it’s just one big added BONUS! By doing this I will not set myself up for disappointment. There’s always tomorrow.

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