I Wanna’ Be Gwyneth Paltrow

Well, maybe I don’t exactly want to be Gwyneth (at least not all the time), but she is in phenomenal shape, and I definitely want to be in shape!  In her GOOP newsletter Gwyneth shows us how she whips herself in shape when she has to look her best for a specific role.  We even get to watch Tracy Anderson’s video to help with the getting in shape bit 🙂  I thought you might enjoy reading it.  You might find something you would like to use in your own routine.  Just click on the link 🙂  GOOP Newsletter.

Have a tremendously productive Thursday!


7 thoughts on “I Wanna’ Be Gwyneth Paltrow

  1. Not sure what I will be doing for exercise today, but I will let you know soon. Diane, on your lunch break you should walk down the D and C Concourse, I think that is 3 miles round trip.

  2. Turned out beautiful in Seattle today! Greg just got back from a business trip so today we are going for an after dinner walk/run. Loved all comments from yesterday..Almost Friday and Mother’s day.

  3. Yes, I would certainly love to have personal trainers and cooks/dieticians to help me look as good as Gwyneth…but since that is not possible I will just have to rely on my personal trainer, Jimmy, and his great cooking. He made Asian Noodle bowls this evening that were just heavenly. No exercise for me today. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    I am going to try some of the exercises featured in the Tracy Anderson video. They look hard! Peace out. ~Karma

  4. I wish I had Jimmy to cook for me. Those Asian Noodles sound so-oo good.
    Did get in my walk this morning, then over to Grandma’s to help around the house and took her to the Dr. That is a work-out in itself.
    It was really cool here today. The wind was blowing and it was around 30 degrees when Dano and I went out. Supposed to be warmer by the weekend. We can only hope. See Ya. M.

  5. Jimmy thanks for the tip on where to walk however they still have the walkway closed off so the only way to walk it is outside on the ramp which is what we do after hours. Actually we then walk down to the A concourse(outside). Great workout today. It let me know it has been quite a while since I had workout that hard. Oh yea! Well the last drink I had was Jan 6. I had decided not to drink during the competition. So this is the end of 4months, the competition is over, and it seemed like a good time to have my 1st cocktail. It was a good cold beer and oh my, it tasted rather marvelous. It’s all about the balance I have been told so I’m hunting for my balance. Here balance, balance, balance!!

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