Mother's Day

I Never Thought I Would be the Mother of a Chicken…

but life is full of pleasant surprises.

Meet June.

June is a Farm Sanctuary animal.  Farm Sanctuary is an organization dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abusive situations.  June was one of two hens and 27 peeps rescued from a cock fighting ring.  Thanks to Farm Sanctuary they now all live happily and safely on a farm in New York.

We adopted June because we thought “what better way to honor the mothers on our blog!”  Happy Mother’s Day!

“To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Not only are we the proud parents of June, but we thought she would make a great mascot for Inperspire.  We think she will be a wonderful spokeschicken to raise awareness of the plight of animals used/abused in food animal production.  If you are interested in adopting your own farm animal please check out the Farm Sanctuary site.  We hope to visit June this summer and we will be sure to post new pictures of her!

And because I cannot resist one more super cute picture:

Now, on to human mothers 🙂  On this Mother’s Day I would like to thank my mother for teaching me everything I know about what it means to be a good mom.  When my son, Robbie, was young someone told me that I was going to spoil him because I held him too much.  When I asked my mom if she thought this was true she said, “You can never spoil a child by loving them too much.”  She was right.  Thank you, Mom, for raising us to know what’s right and what’s wrong, for ALWAYS being there, and for teaching us how it’s done.  X’s and O’s.

P.S.  We would like to say thanks to Jackson of And Her Little Dog Too for filling in as our mascot until we could find one of our own.  Thanks, Jackson, you’re the best!


10 thoughts on “I Never Thought I Would be the Mother of a Chicken…

  1. So I am the Father of a Chicken, and I think that is great. June sent Darla a shirt from the Farm Sanctuary and some flowers, what a nice Chicken. No exercise for me today, I am off to TJ’s.

  2. Jimmy – you crack me up. Thanks, I mean, tell June thanks for the t-shirt 🙂 It is SO cute. Happy Day to everyone! I am off to ZUMBA!

  3. What a great post for today! I love June and my own mother Carolyn or momb as we know her!! Happy mother’s day to evryone and thanks for the most beautiful post ever!!!

  4. What a wonderful mom’s day post!!!!

    Had a fantastic run this morn & did some abs/core prior to that. Now to enjoy the day.. and touch up my graying roots! 🙂

  5. Having three beautiful, intelligent daughters (inside and out) I am proud to be their Mother. What a life they have all given me. All treasures to be sure. They have also gave to me 7 Grandchildren and 2 great grandkids. Oh wait a minute, I forgot JUNE, and two fantastic son-in-laws. Love you all.
    Happy Mothers Day to all of you. Oh and one more thing. Always keep them guessing who is your favorite !!! With Love Momb

  6. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you MOMS out there. Went out for a mother’s day breakfast with my son who still lives here and got to have a nice chat with my other son who lives away. After that Odin and I went for a great, great walk enjoying the beautiful day before I had to go to work. I’m pleased to say that things did not get crazy at work tonight so that was a real treat. Going to go for another walk outside with some coworkers so that should be nice as well.

  7. a chicken that’s great……birds humor me……Yesterday I had a good vigorous walk at the zoo ….where there are many birds…….We made it at like four o’clock which they close at five so not as fun as it could’ve been……Today, I was freezing so I snuck away from Pheobe and went to the gym to do some intervals on the elliptical……feels good…….

  8. Love the chicken.

    First day back running:) 6K and it was windy (37kph) and cold (6C). I had to bring out the winter clothes again this weekend.

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