Is Your Medulla Oblongata Flabby?

Image from Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body (1918)

It is important for us to work our minds as well as our bodies.  Your pecs and abs may look fabulous, but if your gray matter is flabby then what’s the point?  Here’s a little gray matter workout to help your brains stay strong.

I like words, and I like to think I like puzzles, but whether it is Sudoku, a crossword, or a cryptogram I usually give up fairly quickly and take a peak at the answers.  I came across a new kind of word game (at least new to me) called Pathem.  It’s a word path game and I kind of LOVE it.  The Pathem people provide a pdf of sample games in each skill level: Rookie, Hot Shot, All Star, Master, Genius, and my two personal favorites, Evil Genius and Supreme Being (the symbol for the latter level is yin & yang).  Below are the instructions for playing and a puzzle to get you started.  You can download more puzzles to print off here.  Let me know what you think.

 How to Play Pathem

Spell the phase in the grid above it, writing each unique letter only once.  The correct solution will spell the complete phrase along a single continuous spelling path that moves horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.  Fill the grid from square to square – revisiting letters as needed to complete the spelling path in order.  Each letter will appear only once in the grid.

For example:








Now it’s your turn.











Have fun!  Don’t peak at the answers!  Solutions are on page 8 of the Pathem Sampler.

P.S.  “It’s a Jimmy Thing” will be back later this week (Jimmy worked too much this weekend and his gray matter needed a little rest).


8 thoughts on “Is Your Medulla Oblongata Flabby?

  1. Last week I had a busy week, but I still managed to get in 5 days of exercise. Today will be an off day for me, so the rest of the week I need to be focused. Diane, I know how crazy things can be at the airport, it was nice when the day went as scheduled. Cynthia, nice to hear that you are back on the road.

  2. We went out in the rain this morning and half way through the walk it turned sunny and I needed to un-zip the coat. I’m sure Dano would have liked to take his right off !
    I love to try to do puzzles, so later today I will give it a try. Jimmy, you do work very hard as does Karma, Dana, and Greg, so if you guys can all keep up the exercise, I guess I could give it a little more push. See ya Momb

  3. YUP, with age, we need to do this but my head hurts just looking at it! 🙂 I am so bad at those things!

    WEIGHTS WEIGHTS WEIGHTS today! Yahoo. I love my all weight day & it was great! Yes, abs/core in there too!

    • Totally understand about the being bad at word games 🙂 I love them, but give up readily. Glad you had your weights day today – those lovely weights!

    • Ohhhhh – I hope you like Pathem 😉 I am telling you it is addictive! 7 miles & Yoga – you are going postively wild with the workouts. Most excellent. I was going to post a link to FitSugar because they said they had a workout mix for brides to be (you and T-unit), but when I went to the site to check it out the mix was just crazy. It started with a song by Bjork and then went downhill (if you can imagine that) from there. Anyway, thank goodness I listened before I linked – maybe that should be a new motto – listen before you link. I think I am prattling a bit here – it’s late and I am waiting to go pick Jimmy up from work.

  4. I just realized I forgot to post today. I was SO sore from bootcamp, a workout video, and Zumba this weekend that I can barely walk today and when I do walk I keep up a steady stream of “ouch, ouch, ouch”! Can you say lactic acid?! I guess I can take heart in the fact that I worked hard this weekend and worked things that don’t usually get worked. Tomorrow I will at the very least go for a long walk and once I get warmed up who knows. Night to everyone.

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