It’s a Jimmy Thing…

Day 135 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Taking Risks

Taking chances or risks can be scary and stressful depending on what kinds of chances we are taking.  It is always easier to do what is familiar, e.g., it is easier to go to the restaurant that we know is good, even though we may be tired of the food, rather than try a new place where the outcome is not guaranteed.  It is easier to stay in the same place/town, rather than move, because we may not like our new surroundings and it may be hard to get adjusted to a new life.  It’s the same kind of thing when we continue to work at a job we are less than happy with because the pay is good or we have a secure position.  We choose mediocrity over greatness.  Why?

Many products that we love and use on a daily basis would not be available to us if someone had not taken a chance.  For instance, today I read a story about Timbuk2, a company that makes bike messenger bags and backpacks.  In 1989, Rob Honeycutt, a San Francisco bicycle messenger bought a used sewing machine and started making bags.  He took a big chance and today Timbuk2 is a great and very profitable company.

A few months ago Diane took a big risk.  She applied to be on the St. Louis Lose a Ton Challenge.  Diane took a chance on herself by committing to a lifestyle of fitness and good health, and we all know how it turned out for her.  She won the challenge, she looks great, she’s healthy, and she’s headed to Mexico.

A little over a year ago Dana, Greg, Darla, and myself took a big chance, we started InPerspire.  I had to resign from my job as a Manager at Southwest Airlines to concentrate on building our business.  Many people thought I was crazy, and still do.  They can’t imagine why anyone would quit a good job in the middle of a recession.  I remember a call that I received from one of the directors at SWA, when I answered the phone she just said “What are you doing?”  Well, this is what I am doing, I am taking a chance, and it has been one crazy and fun ride.

Now, I am not suggesting that we all start taking wildly crazy or dangerous chances, e.g., I don’t advocate sticking your head out of the window of a high speed train or running with scissors.  I do, however, think that sometimes it is good to get out of our comfort zone.  Push yourself to try something new – challenge yourself a little.   

Have you taken any chances lately?   How did it turn out?  We would love to hear your stories.

The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety.”  ~Goethe


7 thoughts on “It’s a Jimmy Thing…

  1. That is a neat post this morning Jimmy. Change is scary, espically big ones like you guys did. We all get in our own zones and they are very hard to get out of. You are all such hard workers and it will pay off soon. The bowl on the other side is clear and waiting. You are almost there.

    Well, we are in a warm zone right now. It was 45 degrees this morning. So nice to not have to wear ear-muffs and gloves. Going to work around the yard today and get some flowers planted and maybe the lawns mowed.
    Have a great day all. M.

  2. today, I took a small chance…..mow the grass. I am surprised there was not an alligator living in it……This also doubled as my work out for sure…..I am pooped and I am not even done because it started POURING down rain on me…..ick……This post was very inspirational and really what I needed because I am looking to switch jobs…….not on such a great scale but none the less a big step for me after being waffle for almost seven and a half years…….ah well good day all

  3. Love the chance post ! The chance we took has taken us on a journey I never expected, like meeting all the great people on this post and all the customers we have had timeto get to know. Thanks! Greg and I are riding bikes today!!!

  4. GREAT POST! I know how to push out of the comfort zone in the gym.. outside.. not so good! I need some of you guys to rub off on me! 🙂

    Good cardio, legs, back & abs/core today!

  5. Love this post!!!! I have crazy exciting news and I signed up for my first 5K race! I am scared to death. I dont care about my time, but I am looking forward to doing it just to be an accomplishment. I did 6 miles today and struggled running for even 3.

  6. Taking risks is something that we start teaching our kids to do at school. It’s the risk-takers that are able to become success stories as they are the ones who have the internal power to push themselves.
    Have a taken a risk recently? Every day carries a risk, from “If I sleep an extra 5 minutes, will that become 30 and make me late for work?” to “What if I’m not ready to run? Maybe I should take someone with me -just in case?” to “If I hang onto the car just one more winter, will it get me through?” The intensity of risk might change but the person does not; the person just stays stronger.

    It’s been raining all day. We still can’t get outside (I’m not prepared to risk getting sick!)

  7. Oh my goodness, what absolutely fabulous posts. I’ve taken a lot from them. I will put my comments on Friday’s posts. Thank to everyone!

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