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The Art of Breathing…

Day 143 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey*

image adapted from Gizmodo

Listening to my iPod makes me smile & breathe.

Our “Breathe” picture of the week is brought to us by Jimmy.  It reminds us to slow down and look as well as breathe, smell, and touch.  


 Have a sunny Sunday!

*NB: Somehow in the past two weeks my counting got a bit off and I had the wrong number of days for our Odyssey on some posts.  I have recalculated.  We are currently on Day 143!  I promise to stay on track from here on out.


10 thoughts on “The Art of Breathing…

  1. I sure do take good pictures. Today we went to the gym, I did 50 minutes on the Cybex, and 10 minutes on the treadmill, I am off fot a 7 hour workout at TJ’s in a few hours. Hope all of you have a good Sunday.

  2. Well, 50 and a day feels pretty good 🙂 Zumba was just an absolute blast. I worked hard, and worked it, if you know what I mean. I ate several pieces of very delicious b-day cake yesterday, and some banana pudding, so today I am going to try to stay true to my set calories, although the cake and the pudding have to go.

  3. They took away Zumba at the gym I was taking classes at! I almost fainted! I don’t know what I am going to do now. I did a 6 mile walk, and still feel like I am on a sugar high from being at Hershey. I really need to focus better on trips!

    • Aha…that’s the really sweet place you were going. Jimmy and I couldn’t figure it out, but now it makes sense given your location. Goodness, what a sweeeeeeeet trip you must have had.

      Six miles – that’s a lot. I hope you can find another Zumba place. Our instructor told us today that they are doing a 2 hour Zumba for the Cure in June. Do you think they have something like that in your town?

  4. Just finishes a 30 mile bike for us this is only the second time we have been back in the saddle again in over 1 year!!! Tired,sweaty and kinda hungry.

  5. When you hit fifty, the first thing that goes is the memory–Odyssey count. ha Glad you had a great yesterday. No more banana pudding and such.

    That is so good Dana and Greg that you went for that long of a bike ride. I can’t even make that in a car. Way to go.

    We walked this morning and then came home and planted flowers and our garden. After yesterday and the day before that was enough.

    Going out on the patio and enjoy the beautiful weather today. See ya M.

  6. Hey M – You did more this weekend in terms of painting, planting, and walking than we did. You outdo us each day! Yes, the banana pudding has got to go!

    Dana – Doesn’t it feel good to get on your bikes and push yourself? I can’t wait till the rain stops here and we can go for a long ride.

  7. 5K race last night and it was awesome. Honestly, I didn’t think I had much in me but I was the 6th female (of 832 women) and 2nd Master Female in a time of 22:42. What a great feeling! It’s exactly what I needed after being off. Now I’m pumped and ready to go!

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