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It’s a Jimmy Thing…

Day 144 of OUR 365 Day Odyssey

Just Breathe

A few months ago I read an article written by Dr. Oz  about the importance of taking time in your day to practice deep breathing.  So, most every night and morning,  before I went to sleep and before I got out of bed, I began to practice deep breathing.  I would take ten deep breaths, just like Dr. Oz suggested, and I noticed that breathing became easier.  It was not only easier to breath under normal circumstances, but it was also easier for me to breathe while exercising when I needed to take a few deep breaths.

As with many things I start, because they are good for me, I soon stopped my breathing exercises (it’s kind of sad that I could not take a few minutes each day to do something that was good for me).

Over the past few months I have been exercising more frequently and at a higher intensity, and overall I have been feeling pretty good, but about two weeks ago we were out running and I was getting a little tired and wanted to take a deep breath – but I could not – I was breathing fine – but I could not take a deep breath.  It was then that I decided it was time to get back to practicing deep breathing and I have started taking deep breaths throughout the day.  Of course, I do the deep breathing thing within reason, e.g., I do not practice deep breathing when I am talking on the phone or when I am in a crowd because I do not want people to think that I’m a bit freaky.

Now, I am far from being a scientist, but this is what taking time for deep breathing does for me:  It makes me slow down and focus on what I think is one of our most important body functions — breathing.  When I am in a stressful situation, for instance, when driving with Dana, deep breathing brings my stress level down and calms me.  When I am exercising I now find it much easier to really breath making it possible for my oxygen to do its work.

What about you?  How do you breathe?

P.S.  Here’s a picture of Dr. Oz demonstrating the deep breathing technique and his instructions.

Dr. Oz: Below is an exercise that will help you practice proper breathing technique. Remember that your diaphragm makes your lungs move. That’s the muscle that pulls your lungs down, so they expand and circulate oxygen throughout the whole lung.

  • Lie flat on the floor, with one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest. Lying on the floor at first when you practice is important, because if you stand, you’re more likely to fake a deep breath by doing an exaggerated chest extension rather than letting your lungs fill naturally.
  • Take a deep breath in-slowly. Imagine your lungs filling up with air; it should take about 5 seconds to inhale. As your diaphragm pulls your chest cavity down, your belly button should be moving away from your spine as you fill. Your chest will also widen-and maybe rise ever so slightly-as you inhale.

When your lungs feel fuller than a sumo wrestler’s lunchbox, exhale slowly-taking about 7 seconds to let all the air out.)


11 thoughts on “It’s a Jimmy Thing…

  1. I like this breathing stuff! I do know that when I am stressed, I find myself getting into the deep breathing mode to bring my stress level AND my heart rate down. These are great posts on this! THX!

    Had a great all weight workout this morn!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the wisdom on breathing. Obviously I have discovered that I take breathing for granted and am one of those people who take rather shallow breathes because I don’t even think about it until it is brought to my attention.(like right now!) As I am learning to run I have always fussed that I just can’t get this breathing thing down and Jimmy you may have just given me the tool to learn. I shall try to incorporate this new technique and I will get back to you with my findings. JUST BREATHE!!! Interesting…..

  3. I am up, a bit late today. I did not get home until about 12:00am. Today will be a busy day for me, but I will do the 30 day shred, and work on InPerspire before I go to TJ’s. I did my deep breathing before I got out of bed and the only thing on my body that does not hurt is my lungs.

  4. Oh Jimmy, I do feel sorry for you for all you have to do. Just keep breathing. I tried to breath a little deeper on our outing this morning, but it didn’t do much good as I was always yelling for Dano to come on. S0– I will try the laying on the floor bit. It does look like it will work. Tell ya later.

    I’m trying to make Darla’s recipie for pudding, this morning, so guess I had better get back at it. Later M.

    • Yes, M. Be sure to do the breathing lying flat. Dr. Oz says this is the best way 🙂 Let me know if you need help with the banana pudding. You are going to LOVE it.

  5. I just finished the 30 day shred, that is hard. I am off to TJ’s for my first of 3 shifts this week. If you want to make some money and loose weight at the same time, get a job at Trader Joe’s.

  6. This comment about my driving will come back to haunt Jimmy! We all drive crazy, we live in Seattle it is a method of survival. Plus Jimmy likes it when I hit curbs in my Jeep.

  7. My breathing I feel can barely be classified as breathing…….today I conquered the rest of my rainforrest yard and man my butt and rib meat hurt………that stuff was mean and wet and clumpy………I need to rake but the sky is grumbling again…….I have tucked tail and ran inside……maybe rake tomorrow I hear the sun may be making an appearance……boy do I need it……I’m so glum and on edge ……..well…..good day all!!!!

  8. When kids are upset at school, I get them to focus on their breathing first; then, they can talk about their problem/ache/upset and we can deal with it.
    I ran tonight – slowly as the little monkey was sleeping in the jogger. Man, I’ve got to get him riding his bike this summer; he’s getting harder and harder to push.

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