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Mick, I need more satisfaction AND motivation. Can you help me?

I can just hear Mick singing my song…

I can’t get no motivation, I can’t get no motivation, ‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try, I can’t get no…

Sometimes I have a lot of motivation.  Sometimes I start my day highly motivated only to lose that motivation by midday, sometimes, even earlier.  There are some weeks, for example, the present one, where I am seriously lacking motivation, so how to get re-motivated? 

This image made me laugh out loud.  I think it is safe to say that I would be much more motivated if I was being chased by a T-Rex, not to mention that the consequences of not getting/staying motivated would be fairly serious, but who wants a T-Rex chasing you around all day?  Actually, come to think of it, that’s kind of how I feel when I don’t get my workout done during the day.  You’ve heard the saying “monkey on your back” well somedays it’s like I have a “dinosaur on my back” or at the very least a “dinosaur breathing down my neck”.

So, I was reading Oprah online, I love Ms. O, and I found an article that really spoke to my motivation situation.  It made sense.  I hope, if you find yourself lacking a bit of motivation, you will find it helpful, and, well, motivating. 

What’s Your Story? 

Written by Jim Loehr: CEO of the Human Performance Institute and author of The Power of Story: Rewrite Your Destiny in Business and in Life.  From O, The Oprah Magazine: If you Need a Push…8 Top Coaches offer Irresistable Motivation.

To change a habit, the motivation has to begin with a deep and abiding sense of purpose, and your goal must fit into that big picture. So start by asking yourself, When all is said and done, what do I feel must happen for me to have lived a life of significance? Say it’s that you want to be an extraordinary parent. If your challenge is exercise, then you can keep reminding yourself that you’re not working out to be buff, you’re doing it to be a great mother. You don’t want to be short on energy; you don’t want to come home exhausted. Once you get that connection to your ultimate mission, you have the holy grail of change.

Next ask what private voice you’ve been listening to—the one that keeps defeating you every time you try to reach a goal. What’s the excuse it tells you? “I’m too tired to exercise”? “I don’t have time”? Okay, but is that really true? What are you doing at 5:30 in the morning? Well, you’re sleeping. If you really wanted to do this, you could engineer time. Identify this voice, challenge its faulty assumptions, and “out” it by getting it on paper. Once you sit back and read it, you’ll see the negatives you’ve been letting run your life.

So what’s the new story—the voice that is deeply connected to purpose, that makes you want to fight? We had a smoker who suddenly realized she went nine months during her pregnancy not touching a cigarette. She wasn’t even tempted because she couldn’t imagine hurting her unborn child. That story gave her strength. Think of yours as the epic of the great adventure in your life. Write it down and keep rereading it to retrain your mind.

Next comes the behavioral change. Design one to three rituals to help you get to your goal. For instance, if the goal is exercise, you’re going to get up at 5:45 every other morning. Or when you want a cigarette, you’ll take a drink of water instead or look at a picture of your daughter. It’s always more successful to take an action (drink water) than to avoid one (not smoke).

As you put very specific rituals in place, keep going back to how it’s connected to your being a successful human in the ultimate sense. Every day, fill out a log that says whether you did what you said you were going to do. We’ve researched this, and within 30 to 60 days, you will make it a habit. There’s only one way that this will fail, and that’s if you give up.

Here’s to a productive Thursday!


13 thoughts on “Mick, I need more satisfaction AND motivation. Can you help me?

  1. I am off to Day 1 of Commencement at Wash U. It’s raining 😦 I got a good night’s sleep and I am feeling better and more motivated! I will do the 30 Day Shred when I get home.

  2. Once I’ve made the decision to get on with some kind of exercise, I do feel a lot better. It makes me feel like I can get on with other things that I have been putting off for a while. I probably need someone to chase me besides my DOG.

    Did the walk thing with my friend this morning. We are off to our Grandson’s graduation in Texas tomorrow, so there is plently to keep me busy today getting ready.

    Hope the commencement weather gets better for you Karma and tomorrow also. See ya M.

  3. Hey get that Monkey off your back. Somedays it is hard to stay motivated, like today, but then I got on the scale and I weighed 192, that is -18 pounds, feeling good. I do not have time for the gym today, and it is stormy in St Louis so I think that it is a 30 day shred day, I will report back.

  4. I left yesterday in a hurry, and came home late, so I did not get to read all of the comments about me and my yard, so this is what I have to say. First, my lawn mower is green in color and in action, maybe it misses a blade of grass from time to time, but no noise, and it is a good workout. Now about me being a machine, it is about time all of you noticed.

  5. I was either going to do the 30 day shred or the 30 minute nap, I decided to do the 30 day shred, and it was hard. So in the middle of my workout Jilian stops and says “is that Jimmy the Machine Spinelli” and after that she says “Greg needs to get on board with the Machine” yes I had a good workout. Now I am off to TJ’s for my last shift this week.

  6. First of all I LOVE Mick!!! So this picture alone is motivation plus the T-Rex also made me laugh very loud! Thanks for yet another kick A post. I have been getting up 20 minutes later for work then I usually do. This has made a huge difference in my energy level in the afternoon. I can’t believe how 20 mins can make such a difference, I do have to move a little faster in the AM but pays off in the end. Greg and I did stairmill,ball workout and abs!!!

  7. Hi…

    I refuse to refer to my lovely brother in-law as some sort of likeness to the Governor of California…

    I ran my three miles at the gym today and it was all natural… No mechanical enhancement needed James…

  8. Well I had a COMPLETE emotion breakdown on my walk…. it was the “I can’t” feeling, I ate like crap, cried my whole way back from the walk and then walked around the mall for hours. I seriously need to snap out of whatever the heck I am in!

    • Erica, we understand. We really do. The good news is that I absolutely promise that it will get better. It is just temporary. I can say that with a lot of authority and knowledge because of my now 50 years on this earth. I have been in a similar slumps in the past and in fact in this past week, as you can probably tell by the kind of posts I have been writing, they are all about trying to figure out what is wrong or how to get back on track. Sometimes when we have break downs it may be hormonal (or bio-rhythms), whether we are females or males, we have ups and downs related to body changes, and sometimes it is because we are pushing ourselves too hard. You have been working really, really hard and holding yourself to very high expectations and that can actually bring us to the brink of having a breakdown and it ends up making us do exactly the opposite of what we know we should do. I think Oprah has an article on how to break the cycle of negative thoughts — I will see if I can find a link online. Sometimes, too, we have these breakdowns as part of the process. When this happens to me, I think I can’t do something and I decide that I am just going to give up and move on, but then after a few hours or sometimes over a night, I realize that there really is no other way, but to get back on “the horse” and try again. Give yourself a break and know that the world will be right again. ~Karma

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